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Saturday, June 16, 2007


went 1u shopping with my sis n lynn yee. yu han joined us later.. i was tired when i got home.. bout 5pm then. n met my class mate, wei keat there. so random.

but now..

*drum rolls*

i'm feeling a weetle biity bit high now. went for dinner at this place called 'decanter' at bukit damansara.. in conjuntion with father's day. =) soo fun!. *decanter is a bistro bar.*

we wanted to go somewhere we haven been before. so had hard time deciding. 1st was victoria station then the ship then colliseum then i duno where.. dad was like 'okay lar.. bring you all to this place you will NEVER expect there's a bar. '

the food there was good. wasnt that expensive.. the food wasnt expensive as usual. the drinks were more expensive.. i love the environment.. it's not smoky. haha mayb cuz it's still early then.

i had italian cheese chicken.. which was nice!. n magarita. frozen. =)

after the food, dad n i shared the magarita. so we ordered another drink called flaming lamboughini.. haha.. it was fun drinking that.. the kids at the next table was like.. 'daddy.. y got fire wan'.. lolx.

overall my family n i had fun. thank you daddy.

*i was suppose 2 pay for dinner but din withdraw money so it's on loan. hehe. *

one moment i'm underage drinking. oh well. i started drinking since i was 14 or was it 15. but i was never drunk kay.. just red face. n i dont do it often. because. i'm kindo allergic to alcohol. n i do not like the side effects..

dad n i at langkawi's cable car.

the bar at decanter.

dad n i again.


flaming lamboughini. cant see the fire here cuz there's flash.

happy fathers day. i love you daddy.

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