hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


was texting Tiang to see if he's free to go yumcha since i was bored and he's on holiday. a very very random one.
i texted him and he replied 'who's number is this?' stunned kejap. decade friend dont have my number. EMO maxx. haha!. kidding laah. i dont know what to reply. i have so many names. so my reply was 'Winnie laa.. uhm. Yinli. uhm bear. whoaa i have so many names.'

the reason why i stunned kejap cuz i have so many names i'm not too sure which name he's more familiar with.

decade friends: Winnie, Yinli, bear.
high school friends: Yinli
uni friends: Winnie or some uses Yinli. the closer ones uses MaoMao. dont get me started with why that name. 
since my bestf's name is also Winnee, in class I'm small Winnie. pasal i younger. :P. the drinking people uses 'Ah Chew', to differentiate.

why bear. cuz i'm as adorable as winnie the pooh. HAHA. aiyohhh. how not to relate Winnie and winnie the pooh?? thus bear. not to mention the honey and salmon jokes. mann i love my decade friends.

soo.. what have i been up to?

lately. i've been GOING OUT. ((: damn happy kay.
there's ninja joe date and dinner with the Khors' which photos are not up yet.
then there's dinner with boyf's friends also my sister's friends. connection yang not very panjang but panjang enough to confuse. at least that's what i think.

courtesy of smashpop.

then it's Wei Zhi's big 21st birthday!. 

courtesy of Chee Hoe
happy 21st birthday babe!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


it's a saturday night. and yea i'm home.
i have boyfriend. i have friends. i have family.
yea. many doubt of why am i spending my saturday night at home.

everyone busy with their own agenda. so i'm home. just finished watching one episode of grey's anatomy.

my holidays are coming to an end in a week's time. so soon weih. and i have yet to meet up with my friends. cuz everyone's busy with their agenda.
meeting LiYan next week!. cant wait. Rachel's busy and Kheng's not around so left us both.
Weizhi's 21st  birthday party tmr. :D so it's friends. for the next week. since boyf will be busy.

boyf choose to emo that day cuz monday have to work. haha. cute much.
soooooo. i choose to emo also can?  :D

hmm i think i should do a post on how to date my boyf. haha. he needs dates.


crappy much.


Friday, May 21, 2010


yes. i'm wee bit jakun-ish. hee
but this is soo cool can. 
it self heats then you get hot latte. 
but not nice wan. bleah. 

ze instructions. 

my phone's a lil haywire nao.. sooo i'll prove buatan malaysia next time. (: 

stay tune!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mini me

lately. i don't know why. i get agitated easily. nope it's not menstruals. my hormones are stable. self proclaim. :P

hope i'll stop feeling like that real soon. am not liking that me.

now. something from the past.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

"meet the in-laws"

it was an unintentional conincident filled 'meet the in-laws' the way Leslie put it.

what happened was, after bfast with daddy and bro, initial plan was to head to Giant for some groceries shopping.
there was some warehouse sale going on on the 2nd floor so thought go check it out. was strolling cuz nothing caught my attention until i looked up and saw this really familiar uncle. *snap!. Leslie's father. OOPS. shy much!.

introduced to daddy laaa abothen. he was right next to me takkan ignore him merh?? then Leslie's mom came around then they chatted awhile. it was a weeee bitt awkward. cuz mr sleepyhead decided to stay in bed longer. bleah.

i. successfully handled. a so called 'meet the in-laws' session. alone. WOOT. hahahaaa. never expected them to meet so soon thou. mom wasn't there so it's not really counted but. ANYHOW.  it's sorta like a breakthru for me. cuz i'm SHY. :X

just finish watching avatar with the family. uhmm. it was OKAY laaaaa.

suppose to be in Pavillion now with boyf and his friends but it's the only day since i've been back that everyone's home. so yea i stayed home.

the weather is literally killing me!. sooooo hot. ):

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

go ahead. say i'm outdated. lol. 
I've been  living around mountains and lakes, the nearest cinema is approximately 45 minutes drive away if you take the coastal way OR about 15 minutes if you don't mind pay extra RM3.10 and take the highway.

it used to be a trip there as frequent as once every two weeks or at least once a month. *i think. but this semester. all of us were soooo busy. we only managed to catch 'The Book of Eli' and 'Clash of the Titans', in Ipoh and Penang. 

SOOOO. now that i'm back. manage to catch 'Ice Kacang Puppy Love' with boyf yesterday at Tropicana City Mall. it was still on the screens surprisingly when both of us thought it's off long ago. hee. it was Movie Date. 

pretty sure most of you heard about it or already watched it. 
it's considered very much well done!. fully all local made. BUATAN MALAYSIA. hahaa. thumbsup!

next movie uhm ironman2? robin hood? Ipman2? *yes i'm that outdated. Shrek3?

it's a Saturday night and i'm here blogging. a tid bit the sad case. haha. very the super bored lorh. everyone's doing their thing so i just stay in my room and not kacau the others. boyf? it's family night. 

i'mma go find something else to do now.

i'm a free girl!.

yeay!. finals are OVER. i can haz good night sleeps. (:

been spending time woth my family and boyf. feels good to be seeing him again after one and a half months. BUT he has to go back to work on monday already. boohoo.

prolly cuz i don't see him often, every time when we get to hang out and things don't go well, i do get extra emotional. even the littlest thing does affect my emotion.  why ah?

it's a saturday. i'm home jadi good daughter and anak yang super manja. :P dun feel like going out. pasal girl thing. urgh. mood spoiler. sorry boyf, didn't mean to spoil your  plan. :*

basically hung out alot dgn boyf and family. haven't met friends yet. next week when boyf start working. i'll date friends. heeeee. *shhhh

i've lost my blogging mojo. ): dont know what to blog about laaahhh.. didnt take much photos also.



Saturday, May 8, 2010


it's the 2nd week of May already. how time flies. 
as the title says. Mother's day. 

what're you doing for your mothers? 
i iz stuck here, away from home. *pout

random question
how many of your mothers are studying??

my mom is still studying. (: speaking of lifelong learning. mom decided to take up the weekend-course to improve herself and get something nearer to a degree. (you know laaaa last time financial problem so didnt continue studying after form 6) maaaa. you went to form 6 kan?  

after this morning's paper, somehow i realize something. 
my mom's studying, is a good thing. somehow that got us closer. and i became even much more manja.
i was having some issues with my group and mom called and i blabbed everything and ended up tearing. 
normally after one paper, mommy'll call. ask how did i do for that paper. and i always give standard answer. liddat lorh. hahaa. damn standard. even if i did not too well i'll still say liddat lorh. 

but today's paper. 
Managerial Accounting. which we even argue the title. mom insist it's management accounting. HAHA. 
ookay back to the story. I did ALL the tutorial questions and revised like a millionth times thinking that i'm gonna at least end up with an A-minus. (speaking of aiming high). 
i felt super devastated can. the paper doesn't look hard, i remembered my formulas and formats. 


still screwed up. ): shift+1234567

came back called mom and she's like aiyoh. nevermind laaa. over already laa. dont think so much. go eat, take a nap and then continue studying for your next subject. i teared after the call. 

prolly cuz i expected a lil too high. and mom has high expectations on me. ptptn laaah. 1st class honours don't have to return ptptn and mom as usual being kiasu hahaa. (hope she doesn't see this. CHEA AND DADDY AND BOYBOY DONT SHOW MOMMY KAY.) been pasturing me to achieve a 1st class. it's a lil too far from my current cgpa. *pout

prolly cuz i miss home. so lately if there's anything. 
besides telling the boyfie, who always listens to be eventhough by time he finish his work it's already midnight. my BFFs, Winnee and Raymond. 
my sister, who HAHAHA. i tweet always. and my brother, i just like leaving posts on your wall. :P 
i tell mommy. wondering where's daddy? normally i'll talk to him back at home. 

one more paper to go and i can't wait for it to end. i wanna go HOMEEEEEE.. 
sorry mommy i'm still stuck at Kampar waiting for my next paper and then i'll be on the way home. 
wait for me. (: 

mommy so skinny then. now fat. HAHAHA. :P 

which btw. i'm somewhere in the photo. inside mommy. (:
actually i'm not sure whether i'm inside mommy anot. 
there's cousin pammie with ah-gong and chea next to ah-ma
so i should be in mommy's.

nope. i didn't forget about grandma either. (: i love her too.

i'll show my parent's wedding photos ONE DAY. daddy very hensem mommy very pretty.

happy mother's day. 

moi. (:

wishing all the mothers out there. happy mother's day. (:

Thursday, May 6, 2010


examinations haz drove me KWAAAAZEEEEEE.. uhh. literally.

the RUBY, LUBY, WOOBY whatever video is real funny!. lol. funny how people does funny things. YET. its entertaining. cuz you'll get a good laugh. no idea what i'm talking about?

click HERE for the original video. and HERE for the reply.

sorta became a youtube addict. WHY AH?
i'm suppose to be studying.. ):

THIS IS VERY VERY ADDICTIVE!!!. and mizznina is a MALAYSIAN!!. great job done. KUDOS to her!.

DID YOU KNOW EMILY OSMENT CAN SING??? emily who? EMILY OSMENT you non disney fan. uhmmm. Lily, Hannah Montana's bestfriend!. ring a bell??

ookay fine. here she is. doing a modern version of once upon a dream from the cartoon. sleeping beauty.

cartoons. are. love. (: they just cheer you up whenever.

speaking of..

Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Put 'em together and what have you got bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. 

(: Cinderella. 

love lots~.

just a random update so my blog wont seem dead YET. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

of oil and diesel.

remember this?? from the previous post?

it's not pee. 


in conjunction with

note: turned 21 on the 21st of april.

ze birthday boy. (:

the oil was. the surprise. it's sorta like a "tradition". 
somehow. life in Kampar. away from our families and growing up friends
we make an effort to celebrate each and everyone of our group a memorable one. 
eg: yeekiat's cake smashing around the house.
xishun and winnee's tie pole.

latest trend it to tie the birthday person onto a pole. 
BUT. for chiahui. exception. cuz he's just tooooooo NICE. (: great guy indeed. 
he's taken btw. 

soo.. for his birthday.
there wasn't cake smashing or pole tying. 
instead. it was USED cooking oil, root beer, a tid bit of cake. and
gross much.
they had a hard time cleaning it.

manage to gather THIS much people within TWO hours. 
after much story creating 
it's not easy to con him la weih. cuz it's already expected.

THIS group of poeple. 
realise he's not inside? that's the whole point of it.

his classmates.

the whole group of us. 777 plus a few extended ones.
didn't manage to have a proper group photo cuz hahaa. 
yeekiat keep attempting to pull down chia hui's shorts. pervert-ISH people. *shake head*

ANYHOW. there is a need of a proper birthday dinner. 
so we headed to dong hoi for dinner. all dressed up. 

prolly you're wondering why dress up? it's only dong hoi, and it's only Kampar. 
well. we find a reason to dress up and look good once in a while. (:


all 12 of us. (: 

'birthday' noodle.

fried uhm. hahaha. idk what vegetable. 

salad prawn. YUMMY!!. 
the waiter said he gave extra. how nice of them.

tofu something something.

pork ribs.

sweet and sour fish.

fried sotong with chilli and salt.

the guys. 

am super loving this version. 

the girls and ze bday boy.



special thanks to Filly for contacting their classmates and every member of 777 
NOT FORGETTING. everyone else who made it all a success. 

hope you had a great 21st. 

lotsa love, 
from all of us.

note: photo credits to Shirley. (for those without blogname)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

what would you do

when you're having too much fun and realise it's important to keep em as memories??


last day of French Class.
je'suis etudiante

with Mr.Wye. and my groupmates. (:

the class minus those who were absent. 

the good ol' new style of hangging out. (:

wanna know what's the next photo all about??

stay tuneeeeeeee..

notice there's no marks of my blog on the photos. cuz the photos are not taken by me. haha.
photos credits to Winnee and Shirley.

dear boyfie,
eight more days.
pretty sure you can do it.
dont give up just yet. 
happy seventeenth. 

once upon a UTAR. part DUA..

continuation for part ONE.

when there's too much studying. people will do just anything to get your attention. ie: putting sweet wrappers into the other person's pencil case. in this case, these TWO people.. of all things.. choose to play with PEN. yes writing pen. cuz that pen ran outta ink already. and sh!t happens. thus.

hello Raymond's eye. XD

Winnee and Law. looking very focused. 

the very next moment..


oh did i mention. too much of studying also changes one's hormones. 
for instance. 

Raymond got into his dream of being a Thai Kickboxer.

omg. wait for it.. 
wait for it.. 

Raymondie Sio Ah Gua

even Law got uhm a wee bit outta control by tying a ribbon on himself. 
*tsk tsk*

for a change. gaya mouuuu.. 
new word: LAWlized. 
wanna know more? click here.

YES. studying too much does have create such effects. 

more views of the outside from inside the library. 
actually. photography in the library is not allowed. so i curi curi snap. 

one fair clear evening. pretty eih? 

blue blue sky has never fail to put a smile on me. (:
taken while waiting for food to arrive during dinner time.

it gets pretty boring if you stay in the library the whole day. *yawns
a lil step out is nice. 
headed to the lil stone sits behind block I. 
saw these magnificent view. VERY VERY PWEEETYYY. 
the weather that day was awesome. 

and again. hahahah. be jealous Ewin. :P

super lovin this one.

main main sikit with the exposure of my 5.0 megapixel and got this. 

another one main main and got this.

there another one from inside the library. 

x-tra large cheerful photo of MOI. 


hope you enjoyed reading. 

feedbacks and comments are very much welcome. 


photos taken using sony ericsson C901 5.0 mp CameraPhone. bear the quality abit. hehe

i'm glad you called. (:
happy seventeenth. 
i love you, 
tissue paper sailor.