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Sunday, May 23, 2010


it's a saturday night. and yea i'm home.
i have boyfriend. i have friends. i have family.
yea. many doubt of why am i spending my saturday night at home.

everyone busy with their own agenda. so i'm home. just finished watching one episode of grey's anatomy.

my holidays are coming to an end in a week's time. so soon weih. and i have yet to meet up with my friends. cuz everyone's busy with their agenda.
meeting LiYan next week!. cant wait. Rachel's busy and Kheng's not around so left us both.
Weizhi's 21st  birthday party tmr. :D so it's friends. for the next week. since boyf will be busy.

boyf choose to emo that day cuz monday have to work. haha. cute much.
soooooo. i choose to emo also can?  :D

hmm i think i should do a post on how to date my boyf. haha. he needs dates.


crappy much.


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