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Saturday, May 15, 2010

i'm a free girl!.

yeay!. finals are OVER. i can haz good night sleeps. (:

been spending time woth my family and boyf. feels good to be seeing him again after one and a half months. BUT he has to go back to work on monday already. boohoo.

prolly cuz i don't see him often, every time when we get to hang out and things don't go well, i do get extra emotional. even the littlest thing does affect my emotion.  why ah?

it's a saturday. i'm home jadi good daughter and anak yang super manja. :P dun feel like going out. pasal girl thing. urgh. mood spoiler. sorry boyf, didn't mean to spoil your  plan. :*

basically hung out alot dgn boyf and family. haven't met friends yet. next week when boyf start working. i'll date friends. heeeee. *shhhh

i've lost my blogging mojo. ): dont know what to blog about laaahhh.. didnt take much photos also.



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