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Saturday, May 8, 2010


it's the 2nd week of May already. how time flies. 
as the title says. Mother's day. 

what're you doing for your mothers? 
i iz stuck here, away from home. *pout

random question
how many of your mothers are studying??

my mom is still studying. (: speaking of lifelong learning. mom decided to take up the weekend-course to improve herself and get something nearer to a degree. (you know laaaa last time financial problem so didnt continue studying after form 6) maaaa. you went to form 6 kan?  

after this morning's paper, somehow i realize something. 
my mom's studying, is a good thing. somehow that got us closer. and i became even much more manja.
i was having some issues with my group and mom called and i blabbed everything and ended up tearing. 
normally after one paper, mommy'll call. ask how did i do for that paper. and i always give standard answer. liddat lorh. hahaa. damn standard. even if i did not too well i'll still say liddat lorh. 

but today's paper. 
Managerial Accounting. which we even argue the title. mom insist it's management accounting. HAHA. 
ookay back to the story. I did ALL the tutorial questions and revised like a millionth times thinking that i'm gonna at least end up with an A-minus. (speaking of aiming high). 
i felt super devastated can. the paper doesn't look hard, i remembered my formulas and formats. 


still screwed up. ): shift+1234567

came back called mom and she's like aiyoh. nevermind laaa. over already laa. dont think so much. go eat, take a nap and then continue studying for your next subject. i teared after the call. 

prolly cuz i expected a lil too high. and mom has high expectations on me. ptptn laaah. 1st class honours don't have to return ptptn and mom as usual being kiasu hahaa. (hope she doesn't see this. CHEA AND DADDY AND BOYBOY DONT SHOW MOMMY KAY.) been pasturing me to achieve a 1st class. it's a lil too far from my current cgpa. *pout

prolly cuz i miss home. so lately if there's anything. 
besides telling the boyfie, who always listens to be eventhough by time he finish his work it's already midnight. my BFFs, Winnee and Raymond. 
my sister, who HAHAHA. i tweet always. and my brother, i just like leaving posts on your wall. :P 
i tell mommy. wondering where's daddy? normally i'll talk to him back at home. 

one more paper to go and i can't wait for it to end. i wanna go HOMEEEEEE.. 
sorry mommy i'm still stuck at Kampar waiting for my next paper and then i'll be on the way home. 
wait for me. (: 

mommy so skinny then. now fat. HAHAHA. :P 

which btw. i'm somewhere in the photo. inside mommy. (:
actually i'm not sure whether i'm inside mommy anot. 
there's cousin pammie with ah-gong and chea next to ah-ma
so i should be in mommy's.

nope. i didn't forget about grandma either. (: i love her too.

i'll show my parent's wedding photos ONE DAY. daddy very hensem mommy very pretty.

happy mother's day. 

moi. (:

wishing all the mothers out there. happy mother's day. (:

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kenwooi said...

yeah.. time passes very fast this year =/