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Friday, April 30, 2010

once upon a UTAR.

sooo. bits and pieces of UTAR, Kampar. incase you still dont know. PERAK. (: just 45 minutes away from Ipoh. (: 

it's real random to compile these photos taken about two weeks ago. i'm having my finals now. sat for the 1st paper today and it is suck-ish. YET. now i'm relaxing as if there's no more papers. 


'take a rest, then go the distance'

(Bok, W., 2010)

 soooo. i'mma leave you all to enjoy the photos. some may be a wee bit blur-ish. after all the compressing etcetc. 

'this copy of windows is not genuine'
HAHAHA. was using the lab's computer.
how can laaaa. ish ish ish.. 

pizza hut as dinner. 3 person with a portion for four.
we iz power!!. >:D

one of the days in the library.
of too much studying.

now now. to make Ewin jealous.. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. 

taken from outside the library. pretty no? it's even prettier live.

again from the outside of the library. but this time. zoomed.

taken from the 2nd floor of block H. cuz i was heading to lecturer's office to see my coursework marks. WHICH IS DISAPPOINTING. ): booohoo. 

anyhow. back to photos.
more sunset!. jealous mou?? 

the other side. clear view. (:

also the other side.

and again. pretty no? if only boyfie's dslr was with me then. OH WELLL.. 

this next sign. 
i dont know to say funny or not, considering the fact that uni is surrounded by jungle. 

hahaa. oh. my.. utar. XD

one afternoon when it poured way too heavily, practically WHOLE kampar has no electricity. except for selatan. weird eih. there's no electric in westlake (where i'm staying), eastlake (tesco), new town and old town. yeng mouuu.. 
nothing to eat. this we all headed to McD Medan Gopeng. 
people mountain people sea... all utar students. HAHAHA. 

see how it shrinked.. 

oreo mcflurry.. 

something random. 
portrait of Jonathan drawn by Edward. 

look up for part TWOO.... 

photos taken using Sony Ericson C901 5.0MP CameraPhone.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


to the woman who turned 22 years-old on the 22nd april. 
who also is. 
my sister.

hahaaaa i see big stomach. FAT.!. :P 


got post wan kay. but i choose the one i look nicer in.

better than

THIS.. hi couz pammie!
it's my dress AGAIN.

this one excluded. personally love it!. hehe. 

and this one too. love it!. (:

this one you cantik.. *cough cough. HAHAHA. keeding laaahh. :P

old edi. jangan so childish okay. that's for me to be. haha.. and i know you've had a great one. boohoo. without me.
samore mommy and daddy and boyboy give you surprise. got Ewin's surprise samore. ZEALOUS. ):

see i put besar besar all the you cantik ones. of course i also cantik laaahh. lol.
i even change the template so can put ultra huge photos of us. XD

ps: i mau sushi and PASTA. (:

happy birthday!!

lotsa love,


Monday, April 26, 2010


sometimes. i do wish there's a lil more time and a lil less distance. 
haven't seen the boyfie for like 3 weeks. end of this week it's one month. sometimes i do wonder. how on earth did i manage to be so compromising. 
i surprised myself. 

it's really near examinations. 4 days to be exact and yet i'm still here. 
there's alot of changes around me lately which made me miss the loved ones more. 
at times. i just wanna be away from the made believe drama created by my lil world. 
been immersing in that lil fantasy of mine. over worked the brain thus explaining all the think too much. 
i do get annoyed by some things/people/events whatsoever sometimes. especially changes. 
i wonder how do i submerge it into that dark part and bury it all there. 
ze housemates often are amaze of how perfect my life is. of no worries cuz they seldom see me going bonkers. assignment craze is excluded.
i surprised myself. again. 

not only do i miss the boyfie. i miss home. i wanna go homeeeee. ): 
exams are making me upset and emo. 
i iz emo. cuz i miss home. and i iz scared i can't score well for my finals. ): 
how ironic that i dont at all seem panicky. telling people it's okay. 
i surprised myself thrice.

go away emo. stay away from me. 

was watching project alpha in collaboration with Nuffnang and many other leading brand sponsors, featuring bloggers... (click on the link for more info) and had a thought about it. how cool will it be if i'm like one of them. HAHAHA. long way more laa. *bishbashbushslapslap* 

i iz gonna be a-ow-kayy.. 
no i'm not surprised with this. 
cuz i know i'mma be just fine. 

may tissue paper sailor find his compass soon.  

Sunday, April 25, 2010


right after LUSH, headed to Penang two hours later. it was. awesome. :D great company. great joy. (: 

headed to ipoh for breakfast as the others haven't try the pork satay there. thus off we went. 

first stop: Ipoh. coffee shop in town centre. forgotten it's name. *shy

Pork Satay, Shredded Chicken Hor Fun, Dumplings, Popiah, Pork Ribs noodles.

after bfast. off we head to Penang. headed to this place recommended by the infamous Ah Xian. had quite a hard time searching for that place with the map provided.

the Five of us. <3s Winnee, Yours Truly, Xi Shun, Chia Hui, and Yee Kiat.

2nd stop: Ong Cheng Huat Seafood. 
Lala, uhmm. deep fried something something, steam fish, wild flower wine, fried mihun, steamed octopus/sotong uhh whichever, and deep fried pigeon (we think). 

there were various stops in between, ie: the train station, Queensbay Mall. 
watched Clash of the Titans there. THUMBS UP WEIH!!. 

NEXT UP: Heritage Hotel 1926.
acting like a tourist. wait we are wert. haha. 

in the hotel and it's surrounding. 

after washing up, headed out to hunt for dinnerrrrrrr.. *hungry

places we went pass to hunt for dinner. it was a loooooong walk. 
we ended up here. 

fried koay teow, duck porridge, duck noodle and roast chicken. 

headed for another round of drinks while waiting for time to pass to send Winnee to the train station. she couldn't stay as there's badminton tournament next day. good thing she made it back on time. and won CHAMPION samore. congrats babe!!. 

DAY 2. 
surroundings of the hotel. again. (:

checked out and went to get tambun biscuit. 

in the shop.

then off to some sightseeing on the way to Toy Museum. 

on the way.

stopped for 2nd round of bfast. :D 
LAKSAAAAA and CENDOL.. finally. but not nice wan. bleahh.
oh welll..  
it's 2nd round cuz we had 1st round in the hotel. 

next up: TOY MUSEUM!. 

paid RM10 and off we went in. 

teehee. tinkerbell!!. loves. 

Shrek, Beatles and Elvis

Anakin!!. doraemon, Simpsons, Power Rangers, Mike and Sully. of what the name of that cartoon again?? 

the four of us. 

there's way tooooo many photos on this. check my facebook!. 

on the way back. left Penang and headed to Bukit Tambun for LUNCH. 

the shop. it's by the sea. 
deep fried seafood tofu + stuffed char kuay, vege, fried oyster with egg (OR JIAN!!). 

steamed prawn (pee prawn :P), Kung po Crab, Curry Stingray, Fried Noodles, Deep Fried sotong. 

guess the total bill?? :D

guess guess guess!!!. *no peeking

their expression explained it all. 

RM151.20 - RM 28 = 
RM 123.20 

a total of RM 123.20 frigghin cheap kayyyy.. for the amount of food we had. if the same amount of dishes in kl would've cost a bomb. 
minus RM 28 cuz tapao-ed for Winnee and YeeKiat wanted to have extra.

so that was basically the end of my Penang trip. total spending = RM 150. i think. the food plus lodging. consider okay laaa. hehee. 

for clearer bigger nicer photos click here, here and here
(which is facebook albums).

have to pay the price by studying real last minute as i have a midterm the very next day. manage to study everything but there wasn't enough time to finish the paper. i thought i did better for my 2nd midterm. but turns out. it's worst than my 1st paper. EMO. 

oh well. gotta work hard for finals then. 

aiming on 4.0. 
kinda hard to achieve. but try laa. no harm aiming high kan?

motivation: meeting the boyf during the semester break. 

HOWEVER. i have AWESOME buddies who we made a deal among the three of us. 
Raymond, Winnee and Moi. 
whoever that gets the highest gpa among the three of us gets 1 bucket each from the lower ones.
sounds like a fair deal no? 

Sunday, April 18, 2010


friday of week 12. one helluva weekend.

went to uni  in the morning with Raymond to do our assignment. then before going for lunch, we went for ice kacang cuz the weather was way way tooo hot.

ice kacang!!. :D 

hang out in the lab with Winnee to do out assignment. 

was done with my part. so SS abit. :P 

fire? NAHHH.. it's fogging. 
the authorities fogs the uni like once every week. abit the over exaggerating laah.
insecure feeling.  

UTAR's library. 
after lab, went to library to study a while. as Raymond was there. 

bored maaaa. soo snap snap abit. :D

outside view of the library. 

and again. 

looks pretty eihh. yeaaa. but the facilities inside. booh. pfft. 

it was drizzling. so we headed off the bak kut teh shop before the turning into Malim Nawar. 
yummy weih. 


after dinner. it's FRIDAY NIGHT. and using that day to date book sounds abit pathetic.
thus. off we went to LUSH. a club in Ipoh. with AK and the gang.


the three of us. hanzhi tagged along cuz she's bored too.

met the SKL people there.

envelope. :D Stephanie. Letter's WINGS. <3 

after that, reached Kampar at 5am. and yumcha till 6am. 
the plan was to head to Penang at 8am. FTW!!. 

yesh. i didnt sleep and headed to Penang at 8am. 

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