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Monday, April 26, 2010


sometimes. i do wish there's a lil more time and a lil less distance. 
haven't seen the boyfie for like 3 weeks. end of this week it's one month. sometimes i do wonder. how on earth did i manage to be so compromising. 
i surprised myself. 

it's really near examinations. 4 days to be exact and yet i'm still here. 
there's alot of changes around me lately which made me miss the loved ones more. 
at times. i just wanna be away from the made believe drama created by my lil world. 
been immersing in that lil fantasy of mine. over worked the brain thus explaining all the think too much. 
i do get annoyed by some things/people/events whatsoever sometimes. especially changes. 
i wonder how do i submerge it into that dark part and bury it all there. 
ze housemates often are amaze of how perfect my life is. of no worries cuz they seldom see me going bonkers. assignment craze is excluded.
i surprised myself. again. 

not only do i miss the boyfie. i miss home. i wanna go homeeeee. ): 
exams are making me upset and emo. 
i iz emo. cuz i miss home. and i iz scared i can't score well for my finals. ): 
how ironic that i dont at all seem panicky. telling people it's okay. 
i surprised myself thrice.

go away emo. stay away from me. 

was watching project alpha in collaboration with Nuffnang and many other leading brand sponsors, featuring bloggers... (click on the link for more info) and had a thought about it. how cool will it be if i'm like one of them. HAHAHA. long way more laa. *bishbashbushslapslap* 

i iz gonna be a-ow-kayy.. 
no i'm not surprised with this. 
cuz i know i'mma be just fine. 

may tissue paper sailor find his compass soon.  


kenwooi said...

absence makes the heart fonder? dont worry, time will pass by fast =)

yinli said...

thanks (: quoting the way jojo address the bloggers.

Evelyn said...

i'm glad my bestie found such a great gf, gawd knows who else can stand him la, rofl!
Just dropped by for a note of encouragement, jiayou! =)

yinli said...

haha. i amaze myself. :D
thank you boyf's bestie. (: <3