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Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have no idea if you'll be reading this. even if you're reading it at this very moment. it's not really my business. 
the reason why we're at that stage now its not fully your problem. it may also be my problem. but it reached my limits that i have to let you go. i don't think that i'm any better than you. but its time for me to think on behalf of myself and the other members. it's already final year next semester and your actions in the current semester is really a turnoff. in the beginning it's still fine. because we don't know each other yet. then following semesters has gone worst. given you chances over and over again and i'm tired of it. your words and actions really annoys me. and in case you didn't realize. if everyone is turning away and you felt it, isn't it time for you to at least think about it why it's happening. whether the problem is with you yourself or them. i'll be glad to see you  change but taking you back into the group. sorry. not this time. 
go along. bitch about me. it's non of my business. 

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