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Friday, April 30, 2010

once upon a UTAR.

sooo. bits and pieces of UTAR, Kampar. incase you still dont know. PERAK. (: just 45 minutes away from Ipoh. (: 

it's real random to compile these photos taken about two weeks ago. i'm having my finals now. sat for the 1st paper today and it is suck-ish. YET. now i'm relaxing as if there's no more papers. 


'take a rest, then go the distance'

(Bok, W., 2010)

 soooo. i'mma leave you all to enjoy the photos. some may be a wee bit blur-ish. after all the compressing etcetc. 

'this copy of windows is not genuine'
HAHAHA. was using the lab's computer.
how can laaaa. ish ish ish.. 

pizza hut as dinner. 3 person with a portion for four.
we iz power!!. >:D

one of the days in the library.
of too much studying.

now now. to make Ewin jealous.. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.. 

taken from outside the library. pretty no? it's even prettier live.

again from the outside of the library. but this time. zoomed.

taken from the 2nd floor of block H. cuz i was heading to lecturer's office to see my coursework marks. WHICH IS DISAPPOINTING. ): booohoo. 

anyhow. back to photos.
more sunset!. jealous mou?? 

the other side. clear view. (:

also the other side.

and again. pretty no? if only boyfie's dslr was with me then. OH WELLL.. 

this next sign. 
i dont know to say funny or not, considering the fact that uni is surrounded by jungle. 

hahaa. oh. my.. utar. XD

one afternoon when it poured way too heavily, practically WHOLE kampar has no electricity. except for selatan. weird eih. there's no electric in westlake (where i'm staying), eastlake (tesco), new town and old town. yeng mouuu.. 
nothing to eat. this we all headed to McD Medan Gopeng. 
people mountain people sea... all utar students. HAHAHA. 

see how it shrinked.. 

oreo mcflurry.. 

something random. 
portrait of Jonathan drawn by Edward. 

look up for part TWOO.... 

photos taken using Sony Ericson C901 5.0MP CameraPhone.


Charis said...

cool! UTAR reminds me alot of my college, inti. both also alot of trees everywhere haha!

yinli said...

ooh inti. the nilai one? (: trees are niceee.