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Thursday, April 8, 2010

cheng beng at Taiping


it was the week before cheng beng and daddy just came back from doo-byeeee (Dubai). i havent been home since.cny break and seeing them that week really made me super happy. i was dead tired before they pick me up at about 6 am that sunday morning. BECAUSE. i've been up since 9am on saturday and the time then was 6am sunday. so you do the math. assignment duedate thus the sleepless night.

i could've catch up with some sleep on the way to Taiping but instead i was catching up with those who came. Daddy, my sis and bro. hehe. mom has classes that day so yeaa..

daddy's family is real hugeeeee and i dont know half of my relative but we're somehow related. it's also the day i found out i'm actually already a grand aunt. hahaha. surprise surprise. (:


i'll let the photos do the talking kay.

on the way there. the sun was rising. pretty much

sunrays!!. pretty. (:

aunt and cousin. yes my cousin. distance cousin.

my nephew.. i think. hahahaa. complicated lah. i dont know who's who. 

there's still time to cam-ho

more cam-ho

even daddy cam-ho with me. hehe.. 

dandelions in pineapple. 

the weather was very very hot then. thus after bidding goodbye to grandpa and uncle, we went to have CENDOL!!!!. loves!. 

nahh. drool over it!. :P

the smart one imagined that thing can suck him up. 

family portrait with alot missing people. but still very pretty.

the cousins who were there. <3 s

i super love this picture of three of us. hehe.

so that's basically my weekend of assignment rush and cheng beng at Taiping. next up. weekend at home. (:


kenwooi said...

the chendol looks yummy =)

yinli said...

yea yea it's yummayy. :P