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Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend at home. (:

I haven't been home for approximately TWO months since CNY break, mentioned previous post. hehe. 2 weeks ago. i was more kinda sorta free thus headed back home.
feels good to be back home.
mom greeted me with McD for lunch. :D she knows i've been missing it. heee. tapao-ed for the rascal as well.. drove home. SAFELY. muahahahaha. mom forgotten daddy's home too. so pity daddy no mcD. :P

went for dental appointment later after lunch. everything is perfectly fine with my teeth. UNTIL!!. the dentist ask about my wisdom tooth. took an x-ray. seems like my upper left wisdom tooth is perfectly fine. the lower wisdom tooth are growing the WRONG way. ): sooo prolly needa extract it when i'm back during semester break. and the upper right wisdom tooth? still stuck above the jaw. literally laaah. it's somewhere there. from the x-ray laa duhhh..

then then its DINNER!!!. prawns!. my favourite. hee. boyf wanted to bring me out for dinner but daddy cooked alot of prawns.. soo i invited boyf over for dinner with my family. mom's expression was funny. haha. suppose to be 5 of us, normally we only have one vegetable and one meat. mom knows boyf's coming quickly stir up another dish. HAHAHA.

saturday morning. 
bfast with the relatives. LUCKY ME!. :D went all the way to Klang for Bak Kut Teh. Singapore granduncle and uncle together with his girlf came for cheng beng. i was the only young one because yang ada class went for classes, the swimming one went for training, the brat says too early dowana wake up. kids these days. hahaha.

Bak Kut Teh. or better known as 'Meat Bone Tea'

you tiao. 

the name of the shop. 

boyf came to kidnap me. :P hehee. we dont get to meet often thus he kidnaps me when i'm back. went to digital mall to get a new pendrive cuz i lost mine.
*did i mention i found my pendrive already? yea i did. thanks to Evonne and Tenza. (: *
after that, went to Swensens for ice cream. 


Swensen's light

the loved one. <3

the new pendrive.

if only i can have that in my room.. 


we also went to A&W for curly fries. :)) BUTTT. it's cold. yuck. 

the cold fries

moi. again. :P



outing with boyf ended there.. *sulk

DINNER with ma Famile. 
had vegetarian dinner at taman mayang jaya. uhm. opposite the car workshop. looks quite high class.. 

the pot of tea.

chea's spagetti. not bad laa. but not to my liking.

ooh. i LIKE!!. daddy's braised yee mee. yummy.

this one lagi power.. mommy's MY vegetarian red wine noodles. 
reminds me so much of mommy's sitiawan traditional red wine noodles. 
thumbs up!.

my mommy's green curry noodle. 
NOT recommended unless you're a fan of mint. too minty for me.
macam lui cha. 

bro's seaweed fried rice. NICE too.. (:

after dinner daddy, bro and i actually sat by the TV to watch Barcelona vs Manchester United on ESPN HD!. HD is new love. (:

SUNDAY morning. 

its still cheng beng. and there's prayers for my maternal grandmother. and the ancestors. 

it's ASTRG instead of astro. wow. 

got 'road' tax samore!!. 

with the 'money' offered to my ancestors, they're gonna be billionaires!!!. sooo much muhnayy.. hahaa.

afternoon edi laah after prayers. which means time to go back to Kampar. waited for Chia Hui at Sg. Buloh rest area. and that ended my oh-so-filled weekend. 

next up!. snap snap in kampar. (:


HungWan said...

wow no wonder gain weight!!

papabear said...

wow yummy foods there ^_^ wanna share some here?

kenwooi said...

why food at this time.. lol.. making me hungry.. and my wisdom tooth also growing senget.. but as long as it doesnt cause pain, i wont extract it =P

yinli said...

HungWan: WHERE GOT!!. *shift+1234567*

papabear: sure why not. hehee. yupyup those were yummy. (: good food + great company = awesomeness.

kenwooi: haha. didnt meant to. *shy* ooh can wan ar? my fear is it might dislocate my other beautiful teeth. HAHAA. cuz i did braces before.