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Friday, August 24, 2007

secret. i cant tell.

had my piano grade 8 exam. which i screwed up badly. uh.. hope that i can pass it.

classes ended at 2. so my classmates decided to go for movie. as usual. 18 of us. with ronald, vin, and see soon. ron n soon skipped half of public speaking just to go to mid valley to get our movie tix. the que was loong.... when we were there in d afternoon. after movie went 4 dinner at sushi king. then yam cha n story telling session wid ron, soon, chia hui, xue ni n szuat li. =) okay. now bout the movie. secret. staring jay chou. i admit he cant act. but it's a very touching story. lolx. had lots of fun. everyone's into the sound track now.

before public speaking. i heart them

karaoke!. after class we went to sunway. sang from 12-3. scream our lungs out. n had loads of fun. of course there's photos. since it's d last friday for this sem. and we might not get a 2 hours class in d next sem. jerry came along too. so there was 4 cars. so then we went yam cha in a mamak at sunway. i think it's called baiduri or something similar.

thanks 2 ronald for sending me home for d past 3-4 outings. =)

ronald n i.

kc n i.

ronald came into the ladies.

winnee, grace, xue ni n i.

shirley n i.

shuei lin. me n grace.

having computer studies extra class tmr just to finish d presentations.. dumb ass lecturer. jeez. 3 bloody hours on a saturday morning. n we all havto dress in formal. bet half the class as in those who hav already presented will not be going.

finals is in two weeks. time to study now.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

M.I.A. & rush hour 3

since the comp is on. so i decided to blog.. cuz i just realised that there's things growing on the previous post cuz i'ts date sooooo long ago..

well. it's a wednesday. 15th august 2007. i was darn smart to rather waste 4.70 on public transport than calling dad to pick me up when he took a whole day leave. lolx.


event 1,2,3,4 and 7 is done.! yay!. 6 will be over by tomorrow and 8 will b over next week.

one thing i realise. my 1st sem is ending sooonnn.. on another 2 more weeks.. then it's finals.. damn!. i havent been studying much. event those mid terms and quizes i did fair enough only. ronald who was sitting behind me was calculating his cgpa after getting our computer studies test 2 results. i was like fuck!. what's your problem weih. it's not even finals n you're calculating your cgpa. *fyi: ronald's a smoker. but he's damn nice.* hee hee
i'm so disappointed in you chew yinli winnie..!.

just recovered from fever and flu on monday. still feeling sicky..

having my piano practical exam next monday. and i'm practically still so not ready yet. sigh..

one more thing.. i cant even talk properly now. how good is that.?!.

i've been emo-ing lately actually.. sometimes the little piece of my mind wonders around the wonderworld of mine..

thinking of the unthinkable.. is quite a nightmare sometimes.. it sucks. knowing that you cant get what you want. the WHY questions which most of the time has no answers. not forgetting the WHAT IFS. sometimes i take things too seriously. sometimes i take things for granted. sometimes i have no idea what i'm thinking about. sometimes. i procrastinate so much that i totally ignore someone or something.. sometimes.. i dont know..


this blog is getting more and more boring..

maybe i should change the purpose of this blog.. which is to blog only when i'm emo.

what do you think?


yes i've watched rush hour 3. last friday. lucky us. 16 of us ( as in my classmates) went including 2 outsiders. ronald and jerry skipped class to watch movie with us. how sweet of them.. but thanks to them we dun have to take a bus. since both of them and leslie drove. went to mid valley in 3 cars.

rush hour 3 rocks weih. damn funny. i'm not gonna talk alot about it. go watch ur self. =)
after movie went for lunch at mcD then pool at brewball. ronald, chia hui, jerry and i wanted 2 go AC but it was quite late d. so yea.

that's all for the updates on ruch hour 3.

Friday, August 3, 2007


it's friday.
i like friday.
it's because we have outings.
where the people go for movies and hang out together.
but not this week.

to-do list:
1. accounts assignment.
2. computer studies assignment.
3. english presentation.
4. public speaking 10-minutes speech.
5. computer studies presentation
6. economics presentation slides.
7. english test
8. math quiz
9. minutes for e-le yuan meetings.
10. post about eseley.
11. post about bukit jalil.
12. post about stress.
13. post about junliang's tag.

1, 2, 3, & 4 will be over next monday. =)
5 will be either next week or next2 week or next3 week. *random pick hate it.*
6 & 7 will be over next next week.
7 i think should be over next next week too. cant remember.
9 due on the 12th august. happiness larh..
10, 11, 12 & 13. wil do it as soon as 1, 2, 3 & 4 is over.

i duno to do my accounts assignment or computer studies assignment.

went to hand it econs assignment today. bout 10+am when the deadline time was 4pm. i think my group was the first. haha. *bangga* everyone was busy printing their assignment at the printing area by 11am.


it's gonna rain soooooonn...

let the rain fall down and wake my dreams.~

which reminds me of

the day you went away~

in reality

why should i care~


i'm so over it~

thnks fr th mmrs~

i was once

heavily broken~

but now

i can't hate you anymore~


miracles happen~


i've found a new

boy inside my heart~

*for those who knows bout who i'm talking about. good for you. for those who dont know and want to know. too bad~*


*my used-to-be quite retarted hair*