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the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


yes yes yes~!. finally!. sorta like a dream come true. haha.
uber fun. performance with standard. enjoyed it alot!.

rewind to last friday. shan tiba tiba called ask if i wanna go yum cha. (: 
fun laa seeing them again after soo long. kent, belle, tiang, rayner, yoei, chee hoe and yi ming.

and now back to reality. results are out!. and mine wasn't that good. disappointing abit thou. but still okay laa. at least i didnt fail the subject i thought i will fail. hehe.. cgpa dropped but still at an acceptable range. 

ngiam ngiam is going to UK on the 28th may. all the best babe!. xoxo. 
ps: i din post ugly photos of you this time. hehe.  

about time to 'balik kampung' ddi. uber sadness. the boyf leaving d. DOUBLE sadness. oh well he's coming back. and 6 months isnt that long guaaa... 

what do you think? 

Friday, May 22, 2009

flyday. *edited*

i've been seeing him everyday lately minus weekends. but not yesterday and today. and i miss him. oh oh. angel and demons. is nice. (: watched with the boyf and his friends. they're really nice people. only thing is i missed hang out session after the movie cuz i needed to get home since daddy's unwell. i've been out doing nothing much. haha.. keep threatening the boyf to bring me out and i think i scared him. haha!. 

i've ditched chin hing cuz daddy wasnt well. only person i met up other that the boyf was jing chen. 

met melyssa and ron during movie night.. havent seen them since i stopped working. 

i'm suppose to go lunch with kent but but if he din text then nvm laa. after that to kl!. to shop for things and maybe karaoke if there's time.. 

the best news was i MAY BE ABLE to go for Prince Siddhartha The Musical. bestest news of the day!. *loves* havent been to musicals for ages.!. and i miss going to MPO. 

oh yea.. did i mention.. KRIS ALLEN yumss!. 

i miss you. 

Sunday, May 17, 2009


super bersemangat today pergi walkathon.. our motto was 'burn fats!' 减肥成功.. lol.. it ended sangat early so we makan makan and main main..

meimei,tingting and me. (:

mei mei and i. my walkathon partner. after completing the walk. not sweaty huh.. cuz cuz it's taken an hour later.

meimei, wei yun, me and tingting's face with hair!. haha!.

jump jump!. meimei,tingting,me and jiajia.

more photos with soo ling and mango. edit again soon!!.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

p-h-o-t-o-s.. (: *edited*

remember thiss???
it's 3 years ago december 06.


now. this year.. from charyene and charmaine 's camera. 

langkawi.. dun need to spot me. i'm not in it. (:

dinner day1

drinking by the beach. met people from UTAR sg.long. 

us girls. hee. 

process of truth or dare.
my dare was to take a photo with this stranger guy. *woot*

cable car punya bridge. my fav!

5 girls and a guy. HAHA!.

girls again. (:

the fun lady we met in cable car

the lady and her other half

my fav jump shot


Friday, May 15, 2009


HELLO.. (:

langkawi trip was awesome. we all were closer than before. and had loads of fun. not forgetting sunburns. OMG.. photos will be posted up soon. cuz cuz i smartly din bring camera cuz already knew the others will bring. hehe. so photo stealing soon after it's uploaded in facebook.. 
came back with sunburns and aching body. haha.. 


i sampat-ly went to utar website to check timetable.. and found this out. 

*click to enlarge*
or look at the next picture 

focus on FRIDAY. soo damn potong laa weihh. 
i hate hate hate the new timetable. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

突然又很想哭.. 不懂做么哭 就很想哭

本来好好的,就可能突然刺激到心里藏着的erm.. 想念吧

就像上次扭伤脚,本来想当没一回事,以为自己很强,结果grace 一敲门,还是漏出最丑的样子.. 还觉得自己当时很蠢..

一个小时读书,半个小时哭.. 好笑到..  

i feel much better. hehe. 
uh.. i know some of you may not read chinese. sorry. it's sorta easier to blog in chinese sometimes. heh. 

andy: i know you cant read chinese. haha. google translate laa okay. i lazy translate for you. hehe. 

have fun!.~
it's just yet another emo-for-no-reason day.
i woke up feeling sad. and i dont know why.
these days are pretty much common already since the beginning of this semester which is almost ending already.

when izit gonna be over laaa.

i need a hug.

another memory~
5th month. (: