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Friday, May 22, 2009

flyday. *edited*

i've been seeing him everyday lately minus weekends. but not yesterday and today. and i miss him. oh oh. angel and demons. is nice. (: watched with the boyf and his friends. they're really nice people. only thing is i missed hang out session after the movie cuz i needed to get home since daddy's unwell. i've been out doing nothing much. haha.. keep threatening the boyf to bring me out and i think i scared him. haha!. 

i've ditched chin hing cuz daddy wasnt well. only person i met up other that the boyf was jing chen. 

met melyssa and ron during movie night.. havent seen them since i stopped working. 

i'm suppose to go lunch with kent but but if he din text then nvm laa. after that to kl!. to shop for things and maybe karaoke if there's time.. 

the best news was i MAY BE ABLE to go for Prince Siddhartha The Musical. bestest news of the day!. *loves* havent been to musicals for ages.!. and i miss going to MPO. 

oh yea.. did i mention.. KRIS ALLEN yumss!. 

i miss you. 

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