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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


yes yes yes~!. finally!. sorta like a dream come true. haha.
uber fun. performance with standard. enjoyed it alot!.

rewind to last friday. shan tiba tiba called ask if i wanna go yum cha. (: 
fun laa seeing them again after soo long. kent, belle, tiang, rayner, yoei, chee hoe and yi ming.

and now back to reality. results are out!. and mine wasn't that good. disappointing abit thou. but still okay laa. at least i didnt fail the subject i thought i will fail. hehe.. cgpa dropped but still at an acceptable range. 

ngiam ngiam is going to UK on the 28th may. all the best babe!. xoxo. 
ps: i din post ugly photos of you this time. hehe.  

about time to 'balik kampung' ddi. uber sadness. the boyf leaving d. DOUBLE sadness. oh well he's coming back. and 6 months isnt that long guaaa... 

what do you think? 

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