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Monday, December 31, 2007

end of 2007

last day of the year.

skipped web page design practical after signing attendance for dim sum cuz tutor wasn't teaching. so called good students we were. went back to uni after that for writting for business. surprisingly. full attendance only on the last day of the year. good ending huh.

anyway.. year review!.


steamboat lunch with fgs youths.

press conference for cny.

pool party at kewei's

daddy and aunt doris' birthday.


standard six gathering at yimz's

chinese new year.

dayang gundik and puteri at dong zen.


8tv project superstar 'get high' mv.


crabtree & evelyn anual dinner.

started studying at utar.


father's day at decanter.

event at bukit jalil.

temporarily cant find any nice ones.


karaoke with classmates.

group photo with ms. leong. accounts tutor.

trip to ipoh to visit the couple that meant alot to me.


birthday dinner.

our co-joined cake.

co-joined lunch at shogun. =)

movie outing with xian and sann.


cousin jimmy and girlfriend's visit.

yein mun's bday party leftover barbeque supper.

love me youth camp.



study with dummay..

during one of our lunch outing.


ben from thailand.

before ben leaves.
me, raymond, ben, *i forgot his name*, sann and vincent
*click to zoom*

yay!. it's overrr..

there's lots more photos.. but those are the more memorable ones.. remind me if i miss out any.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

the inside.

my parents at selayang hospital.
my classmates at titiwangsa. for eye on malaysia. since they're gonna take it off soon.
and i'm at home. it's like wtf.
why am i not there?

because my mom is tired of going to the hospital everyday cuz of grandma. *sigh*
damn mafan. mom's mood been swingging sky high and sea deep. it's NOT good. i repeat.

not that i'm not being respecful to my grandma. but if she had listen to mom she wont be there now and we wont be suffering. if she went walking instead of cycling then these will not happen. ):

*double sigh*

okay fine.. no point blaming.

i have uber mean buddies.. lol.. yein mun smsed to ask if i wanna go countdown at curve on new year's eve with the gang.. i have something else on. * refers to the top* so then. she said they'll forgive me if and only if i treat them ice cream.. jeez... uber mean. but i heart them. * hugz*

so henry just called. the henry.. not henry chuah. lol. for those who dunno the history. haha. too badd. looked at the number and straight away i know it's him. thou he's like part of the history in my life. anyway.. was suppose to go yam cha with him and dummy and sarah c and i not sure who else.. but same reason.. *refers to tops again* (: haven seen them for ages.. since camp ended larr.

current listening to jay chou's new songs.. really nice for some of it... like cai hong ( rainbow), pu gong ying de yue ding. uh.. translation not available for this one.. hehe.. lalala~

exam's in like less than a month time from now.. and i havent start studying.. no mood at all lar.. not it a mood to study.. more to holiday. puh-lease larr. it's holiday season.. there's classes every single day. and i'm starting to dislike public holidays. cuz i'll hav to attend classes on saturday then.

shopping is my main priority.. CHINESE NEW YEAR is coming. *screams* lol. okay fine.. i'm currently lack of bottoms.. already got few tops..


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

of mixtures.

last thursday.
went dim sum breakfast with the family then shopping kat 1u.
then the family left me n my sis there as we're not done yet. spent alot that day.
the 3 'bogoks' ask us to go for movies. so yea.

National treasure. (:
boring in the beginning.. interesting at the end.

i happily went to class on friday. was the only girl in our group as the others all went back hometown. was pathetic enough. only half the lecture hall of humans.

sunday is a day to rot and i'm lovin it. *smiles*

christmas eve!.
and i have class. yes. i went. what a good girl.. not.
the class attendance was even more pathetic!.
13/45 humans. at least i wasn't the only dumbo who went. after that was yam cha wid KC, szuat li, and leslie.

at night. went to hong yee's place for dinner. lalala~ good food banyak.
had turkey, rendang, vege dan lain-lain. had fun catching up with those people. =)

the same day. my grandma got into an accident and admitted hospital. there's hemorrhage. but wasn't serious.. so let it go away itself.

christmas. : home.
parents went to hospital to see grandma. she was admitted into ICU. at night. mom called uncle. and then she brokedown. first time seeing my mom like that. after that off she went rushing to the hospital. dad told us that grandma is totally on machine now.

mom was very strong. as the oldest among my uncles, she took the courage to call and inform the other relatives. she was very tired. the house phone and her mobile has been ringing non-stop. she even told us to be prepared. maybe after tomorrow she'll leave us. as the docs gave grandma anesthetic for 48 hours. if she cant wake up after that. then. that's all..

to mummy:
it's okay to breakdown. we're always there for you. stay strong. *hugz* we love you.

Friday, December 21, 2007

to the meh & oink

From School.. to e le yuan..

our roses. and your 'i wanna make my eyes look big' face.

labis's visit.

to other fo guang activities.

Press conference

one day princess

Chinese New Year

found this in xian's blog. an old old pic of us. lol.
the dayang, the fan, the indian, the security and the box.

cam whore time.

when we had nothing at all to do.

the dayangs, puteris and gundiks.

remember when we were laughing at these guys when they were practicing?
it was damn hilarious.


Video Shooting.

the 8tv's superstar's get high video. the crazy dance moves, going sky high at your garden at night, trying to create almost 'mission impossible' stunts.

miss it loads.

and then concert.

the superstar concert.
where we spot our selves on big screens.

to our outing.

the 'hairspray' outing..

not forgetting.. from emo buddies to smiley buddies. then . eseley buddies which kinda dieded. haha..

and now. xian has her shaun and sann has her joey. :)

i wanted to dig out all out old old photos of us but realised we all dont looked good.. so yea.. all these quite latest one will do. heehee.

hmm. it's great having you both around.. especially during those activities where we just have our own fun like drawing, gossipping... the last time we 3 hung out was the trip to sentul. which as long long time ago. *hint hint*

other movie outing soon okay? then we'll hav our catching up/ whining / complaining/ sharing/ updating /bitching session. *wink*

miss you both loads. besties always. *hugz*

happy 18th birthday!.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

panda in the making.

i had nightmare last night again. kinda indescribable.
was sleeping alone as my sister wasn't home.
after that i felt disturbed.
didnt really had a good night sleep.
went to uni looking like a zombie.
jumped outta bed at 7.30am and my class starts at 8am.
i never like to sleep alone. ><

just came back from camp on monday morning. reach home bout 2am. was super tired. fell asleep after i bath. didnt even wait for my hair to dry. had presentation on monday so left camp site at 1am. i've been looking like a total zombie lately. gosh.

during camp. i had fun. i cried. i laughed. i smile. hwee sann and i got the easiest job. we only worked on the 1st day. escorting the thailand's blia yad president. he's really nice and good looking.. whee~ i shall not talk bout others.

been sleeping later than i always do lately. i was at mcD centerpoint till 1am on thursday. rushing the assignments. with KC, grace and shirley. ronald came bout 12+. 1st question was. your parents allow you to be out so late meh? i already told them so it's okay.. if not. bla bla blas.

i met him after so long. and as usual he still cares for me. :)

being undecisive like i always do. there's alot of things to write. but i can think of what to write about. especially when Christmas is celebrated with exams. boo..

so yea. i shall end it here.

happy 18th birthday to Hwee Sann and Hafiz. *hugz*

and also to Tze Xian. Happy be-ealied birthday .. since you wont be here then. so i'll wish you earlier. !. oh and about the driving thing. it's okay. no worries. =)

happy birthday!.

it's time to change.
no point looking back
when there's a bright future infront.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

screw it.

was rushing my assigments when i saw this.
stunted few second after reading.

it's like math! *own formula*

assigments + examinations + presentations = not good.

Friday, December 7, 2007

bangkok pattaya.

updates n lots of photos.. *wide grin*

DAY 1. 1st dec

left lcct bout 8+. arrive at bangkok airport about 10+ if i'm correct. smooth flight all the way.. whee~

after about 2 hours of waiting for some human, the fella got so fed up n just drove us to our hotel. speeding like no one's business. but i was too tired. so slept all the way as i had class the same morning.

Baiyoke Suite Hotel..
the driver took us to the wrong hotel. as there was three of them.
Baiyoke Suite, Baiyoke Boutique, and Baiyoke Sky.

Thai Air Asia's plane on our way to bangkok.

while waiting for daddy to check in.

DAY 2. 2nd dec

breakfast at the same hotel before leaving for pattaya. cant help laughing when i saw this. btw. that's not my plate.

taken in mark-land hotel at pattaya. we see this everywhere on the streets as it was the king's 80th birthday. on 5th dec.

deep fried baby crab.. tasted good thou. =)

we cant get our room yet so a stroll at the beach was perfect.

our rm1 bottled drinks.

then was lunch followed by visit to some village i forgotten it's name. nong nhrong village i think.

before the show.. we bought ice cream..
choc vanilla with choc chip ice cream (L), lime ice cream (R).

family photo.

my bro n i.

cultural show.

that elephant can draw...

sunset view from our room.

dinner!. not too bad. went shopping after that.. had a hard time looking for things we want.


DAY 3. 3rd dec

before breakfast at mark-land hotel & spa.

view from our room. again.

took a boat ride to koh lan island.. where i did parachutting and under the sea walking.

right before lift off.

there i'm flying. mom was like look how short your leg is!. lalala~

before going under water.

that dumbass diver instructor was giving me heart signs, catching fishes for me.. i was like wtf. oh well fun experience.

right before leaving the island. love this pic.

we still have to wait for the driver to pick us up from our hotel. so while waiting, went swimming at 1pm on the 5th floor. and surprisingly. no sunburn!. but the water was freezing cold.

-back to bangkok-

dinner at 43rd floor of baiyoke suite.! i love this place. nice place with good food.

night view of the city.


DAY 4. 4th dec

Tour in bangkok city.

with tour guide, nancy.

wat angkron temple. i think.

about to go up. the umbrella covered half my face.!. boo..

view from the top.

and again.

daddy just likes to be photographer.

then to safari world. where i met lots of hot guys. and i mean real guys. *drolls*

just the three of us.

the indians was entertaining themselves to the tamil song on the loudspeaker.

dolphin show!.. *hearts*

after that. safari tour.

"tigers are very dangerous"

Zebra crossing.. honestly.. it was right at the middle of the road.

and yes. lions making out. the male was humping the female. gosh..

fashion island and christmas tree.. i went pass.

shell petrol station.

the driver dropped us of at mbk. and we went shopping.. whee~.
after that, sorta got lost walking back to hotel.
all the complexes are linked!. so we went into siam paragon, siam discovery, and few more.

at central world.

there was a beer fest there.!. too bad.. =((


-breakfast at same hotel on 2nd, 4th n 5th day.-

round 1.

there's no other photos cuz i was busy eating.. =)) good food.!

-floating market-

on our way to the market

food that i thought i'll never try after imagining all sorts of stuffs like they might wash their utensils using the river's water. ewww..
but i did try...

sesak sungai?

-thai handicraft center. (wood carving)-
very unique work.

*click to zoom*

-before we leave-
that japanese receptionist is damn pretty.. so are the others.. =) including the bell boy.

*click for better view.*

-our our way back.. -

malaysia's air asia's still damn new plane. air bus A320 if i'm not mistaken..
way better than thai air asia's old plane.. lol.

we had nothing better to do.

one thing we totally regret is we all didnt get a chance to go to the swimming pool at baiyoke sky.. sigh. and alot of time wasted waiting.. booo!..

well i'm too lazy to continue now.. will edit it some other day..
having replacement class tomorrow. :(

good night.