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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

panda in the making.

i had nightmare last night again. kinda indescribable.
was sleeping alone as my sister wasn't home.
after that i felt disturbed.
didnt really had a good night sleep.
went to uni looking like a zombie.
jumped outta bed at 7.30am and my class starts at 8am.
i never like to sleep alone. ><

just came back from camp on monday morning. reach home bout 2am. was super tired. fell asleep after i bath. didnt even wait for my hair to dry. had presentation on monday so left camp site at 1am. i've been looking like a total zombie lately. gosh.

during camp. i had fun. i cried. i laughed. i smile. hwee sann and i got the easiest job. we only worked on the 1st day. escorting the thailand's blia yad president. he's really nice and good looking.. whee~ i shall not talk bout others.

been sleeping later than i always do lately. i was at mcD centerpoint till 1am on thursday. rushing the assignments. with KC, grace and shirley. ronald came bout 12+. 1st question was. your parents allow you to be out so late meh? i already told them so it's okay.. if not. bla bla blas.

i met him after so long. and as usual he still cares for me. :)

being undecisive like i always do. there's alot of things to write. but i can think of what to write about. especially when Christmas is celebrated with exams. boo..

so yea. i shall end it here.

happy 18th birthday to Hwee Sann and Hafiz. *hugz*

and also to Tze Xian. Happy be-ealied birthday .. since you wont be here then. so i'll wish you earlier. !. oh and about the driving thing. it's okay. no worries. =)

happy birthday!.

it's time to change.
no point looking back
when there's a bright future infront.

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