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Friday, December 21, 2007

to the meh & oink

From School.. to e le yuan..

our roses. and your 'i wanna make my eyes look big' face.

labis's visit.

to other fo guang activities.

Press conference

one day princess

Chinese New Year

found this in xian's blog. an old old pic of us. lol.
the dayang, the fan, the indian, the security and the box.

cam whore time.

when we had nothing at all to do.

the dayangs, puteris and gundiks.

remember when we were laughing at these guys when they were practicing?
it was damn hilarious.


Video Shooting.

the 8tv's superstar's get high video. the crazy dance moves, going sky high at your garden at night, trying to create almost 'mission impossible' stunts.

miss it loads.

and then concert.

the superstar concert.
where we spot our selves on big screens.

to our outing.

the 'hairspray' outing..

not forgetting.. from emo buddies to smiley buddies. then . eseley buddies which kinda dieded. haha..

and now. xian has her shaun and sann has her joey. :)

i wanted to dig out all out old old photos of us but realised we all dont looked good.. so yea.. all these quite latest one will do. heehee.

hmm. it's great having you both around.. especially during those activities where we just have our own fun like drawing, gossipping... the last time we 3 hung out was the trip to sentul. which as long long time ago. *hint hint*

other movie outing soon okay? then we'll hav our catching up/ whining / complaining/ sharing/ updating /bitching session. *wink*

miss you both loads. besties always. *hugz*

happy 18th birthday!.

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