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Saturday, December 29, 2007

the inside.

my parents at selayang hospital.
my classmates at titiwangsa. for eye on malaysia. since they're gonna take it off soon.
and i'm at home. it's like wtf.
why am i not there?

because my mom is tired of going to the hospital everyday cuz of grandma. *sigh*
damn mafan. mom's mood been swingging sky high and sea deep. it's NOT good. i repeat.

not that i'm not being respecful to my grandma. but if she had listen to mom she wont be there now and we wont be suffering. if she went walking instead of cycling then these will not happen. ):

*double sigh*

okay fine.. no point blaming.

i have uber mean buddies.. lol.. yein mun smsed to ask if i wanna go countdown at curve on new year's eve with the gang.. i have something else on. * refers to the top* so then. she said they'll forgive me if and only if i treat them ice cream.. jeez... uber mean. but i heart them. * hugz*

so henry just called. the henry.. not henry chuah. lol. for those who dunno the history. haha. too badd. looked at the number and straight away i know it's him. thou he's like part of the history in my life. anyway.. was suppose to go yam cha with him and dummy and sarah c and i not sure who else.. but same reason.. *refers to tops again* (: haven seen them for ages.. since camp ended larr.

current listening to jay chou's new songs.. really nice for some of it... like cai hong ( rainbow), pu gong ying de yue ding. uh.. translation not available for this one.. hehe.. lalala~

exam's in like less than a month time from now.. and i havent start studying.. no mood at all lar.. not it a mood to study.. more to holiday. puh-lease larr. it's holiday season.. there's classes every single day. and i'm starting to dislike public holidays. cuz i'll hav to attend classes on saturday then.

shopping is my main priority.. CHINESE NEW YEAR is coming. *screams* lol. okay fine.. i'm currently lack of bottoms.. already got few tops..


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