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Friday, December 7, 2007

bangkok pattaya.

updates n lots of photos.. *wide grin*

DAY 1. 1st dec

left lcct bout 8+. arrive at bangkok airport about 10+ if i'm correct. smooth flight all the way.. whee~

after about 2 hours of waiting for some human, the fella got so fed up n just drove us to our hotel. speeding like no one's business. but i was too tired. so slept all the way as i had class the same morning.

Baiyoke Suite Hotel..
the driver took us to the wrong hotel. as there was three of them.
Baiyoke Suite, Baiyoke Boutique, and Baiyoke Sky.

Thai Air Asia's plane on our way to bangkok.

while waiting for daddy to check in.

DAY 2. 2nd dec

breakfast at the same hotel before leaving for pattaya. cant help laughing when i saw this. btw. that's not my plate.

taken in mark-land hotel at pattaya. we see this everywhere on the streets as it was the king's 80th birthday. on 5th dec.

deep fried baby crab.. tasted good thou. =)

we cant get our room yet so a stroll at the beach was perfect.

our rm1 bottled drinks.

then was lunch followed by visit to some village i forgotten it's name. nong nhrong village i think.

before the show.. we bought ice cream..
choc vanilla with choc chip ice cream (L), lime ice cream (R).

family photo.

my bro n i.

cultural show.

that elephant can draw...

sunset view from our room.

dinner!. not too bad. went shopping after that.. had a hard time looking for things we want.


DAY 3. 3rd dec

before breakfast at mark-land hotel & spa.

view from our room. again.

took a boat ride to koh lan island.. where i did parachutting and under the sea walking.

right before lift off.

there i'm flying. mom was like look how short your leg is!. lalala~

before going under water.

that dumbass diver instructor was giving me heart signs, catching fishes for me.. i was like wtf. oh well fun experience.

right before leaving the island. love this pic.

we still have to wait for the driver to pick us up from our hotel. so while waiting, went swimming at 1pm on the 5th floor. and surprisingly. no sunburn!. but the water was freezing cold.

-back to bangkok-

dinner at 43rd floor of baiyoke suite.! i love this place. nice place with good food.

night view of the city.


DAY 4. 4th dec

Tour in bangkok city.

with tour guide, nancy.

wat angkron temple. i think.

about to go up. the umbrella covered half my face.!. boo..

view from the top.

and again.

daddy just likes to be photographer.

then to safari world. where i met lots of hot guys. and i mean real guys. *drolls*

just the three of us.

the indians was entertaining themselves to the tamil song on the loudspeaker.

dolphin show!.. *hearts*

after that. safari tour.

"tigers are very dangerous"

Zebra crossing.. honestly.. it was right at the middle of the road.

and yes. lions making out. the male was humping the female. gosh..

fashion island and christmas tree.. i went pass.

shell petrol station.

the driver dropped us of at mbk. and we went shopping.. whee~.
after that, sorta got lost walking back to hotel.
all the complexes are linked!. so we went into siam paragon, siam discovery, and few more.

at central world.

there was a beer fest there.!. too bad.. =((


-breakfast at same hotel on 2nd, 4th n 5th day.-

round 1.

there's no other photos cuz i was busy eating.. =)) good food.!

-floating market-

on our way to the market

food that i thought i'll never try after imagining all sorts of stuffs like they might wash their utensils using the river's water. ewww..
but i did try...

sesak sungai?

-thai handicraft center. (wood carving)-
very unique work.

*click to zoom*

-before we leave-
that japanese receptionist is damn pretty.. so are the others.. =) including the bell boy.

*click for better view.*

-our our way back.. -

malaysia's air asia's still damn new plane. air bus A320 if i'm not mistaken..
way better than thai air asia's old plane.. lol.

we had nothing better to do.

one thing we totally regret is we all didnt get a chance to go to the swimming pool at baiyoke sky.. sigh. and alot of time wasted waiting.. booo!..

well i'm too lazy to continue now.. will edit it some other day..
having replacement class tomorrow. :(

good night.

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