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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

of mixtures.

last thursday.
went dim sum breakfast with the family then shopping kat 1u.
then the family left me n my sis there as we're not done yet. spent alot that day.
the 3 'bogoks' ask us to go for movies. so yea.

National treasure. (:
boring in the beginning.. interesting at the end.

i happily went to class on friday. was the only girl in our group as the others all went back hometown. was pathetic enough. only half the lecture hall of humans.

sunday is a day to rot and i'm lovin it. *smiles*

christmas eve!.
and i have class. yes. i went. what a good girl.. not.
the class attendance was even more pathetic!.
13/45 humans. at least i wasn't the only dumbo who went. after that was yam cha wid KC, szuat li, and leslie.

at night. went to hong yee's place for dinner. lalala~ good food banyak.
had turkey, rendang, vege dan lain-lain. had fun catching up with those people. =)

the same day. my grandma got into an accident and admitted hospital. there's hemorrhage. but wasn't serious.. so let it go away itself.

christmas. : home.
parents went to hospital to see grandma. she was admitted into ICU. at night. mom called uncle. and then she brokedown. first time seeing my mom like that. after that off she went rushing to the hospital. dad told us that grandma is totally on machine now.

mom was very strong. as the oldest among my uncles, she took the courage to call and inform the other relatives. she was very tired. the house phone and her mobile has been ringing non-stop. she even told us to be prepared. maybe after tomorrow she'll leave us. as the docs gave grandma anesthetic for 48 hours. if she cant wake up after that. then. that's all..

to mummy:
it's okay to breakdown. we're always there for you. stay strong. *hugz* we love you.

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