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Saturday, January 27, 2007

happy birthday daddy. =)

i went to diethelm wearhouse sale today.. so get court shoes for my temple usage.. on it's advertisment.. it says that starts at 9am-6pm.. so.. i accompany my mom there.. was tere bout 850am. out side that gate.. there was like loads of people.. traffic was bad there.. but.. we have to wait till 930am. they let their staff shop first.. wth?! when the big gate opens.. fwoosh.. everyone started oushing themself in.. i do not even have to walk.. those aunty uncle was pushing their way.. bla bla bla.. mom bought 3 pairs of scholl shoes.. one of it is mine.. . it's just court shoes so i dun really care what brand it is.. wait.. i dun even care about brands.. sometime.. hehe.. those people was god damn crazy.. bzzz..

daddy's birthday!!.. surprised daddy n aunt doris with a cake each.. my sis went 2 re straighten her hair.. as last week they din do nicely.. then surprisingly my cousin pamelyn was in taman megah too.. so pamelyn and i met up to choose cake.. we took like a whole i duno how long 2 choose. then went 1u to drop the cake in jack's place.. the place we're having dinner. we ate sat there talk alot.. then here comes the cake.. haha!.. my sis asked my dad n aunt ..

sis :so are you surprised?..

daddy: just didn't expect the cake.,

aunt: laughs. =)

me, my sis n pammie : * claps. *

daddy still paid the bill.. hahaha.. cuz either way daddy will still b paying it.. smart of us.. hehe.

after that.. went to drop sis at stef's house in valencia.. seiramas.. i went to say hi to stef.. whoa.. manusia banyak di sana.. oh well.. have fun studying in australia.. love lots. =) hugz.

good night all..

Sunday, January 21, 2007

gossips. =)

went 1u yesterday. after dental.. hmm.. met loads of people.. haha. i thought wont b able to eat after dental appointment but still.. i was happily eating ice-creams.. hehe. yes.. then i went home..

10 minutes later..

'daddy.. send me to jing quen's house after u pick up jet ming...'

poor daddy. drove us all around almost whole day. oh well.. he's birthday's this saturday.. *big smile*..

after the muffin baking thingi.. wait.. there was nothin 4 me to do but pack d muffins n b pig. in other word.. tester. went for meeting in temple.. it was like 5 pm ++ then. i was damn tired.!!!

'oh.. you are also in our drama.' i forgotten who said that..

urgh.. i tot i can go home.. then xian called..

'we need your help in our 'cheer' dance. '

i was like.. owh-kay.. since i'm there.. they started practice earlier as i told them to.. then when i went up stairs.. it was like.. OMG!.not to say its bad.. but d dance dun suit the song.. or izit the other way.. hmm. anyway... i gave them a weird grin.. one of them was like.. dont stare at us like that.. lolx..

main point is..


lolx.. we sort of made a deal to write in our blogs. =)

oh n i'm jealous of tze xian n hwee sann's bag.. lolx.

n d gossip part.. in mamak stall after everything.. haha. wei ee n xian n i obviously was talking non stop almost.. haha. most of d peeps there was watching football.. d myteam or wateva.. wasn't paying any attention. d gossips.. hmm.. i'm not gonna reveal it.. it's d secret between three of us. =)

Monday, January 15, 2007

8 hours of sleep.

thursday morning went for video shooting!. it was a press conference hehe. i was on tv.. yea mann!. haha here's a sneak peek of me. in the modern version of traditional chinese princess costume. oh well.. you'll never get a chance to see me in it unless u are goin to that temple during cny. n that's if i'm there.. haha =) n the 17th feb to 4th march.


after =)

after after. =)
Thursday night. went jing quen's house with shueh na. do our dress for fashion show on friday. bzzz.. was there til bout 130am. reach home 2am. then pack my bag and all.. so i slept bout 3am. woke up by my sister's alarm at 535am urgh.. damn tired but cant sleep d. so bath. pack my toothbrush n all. left for jing quen's house at 745am. went to get my dress in zhong xin n then off we go to lrt station. took the train to pudu station to go to melaka. it's my first time taking a bus without my parents 2 somewhere far far away from home.

jing quen n i in the bus.

reach there wait for shueh na n other to come.. we were all separated to groups.. yeish. i was alone there.. make frens larh.. haha. we stay in villas.. one villa per group. damn fun. we have own swimming pool weih. at night we have fashion show. our branch did elegance n floral. n there's a dance floor!!.. haha.. whole hall is our dance floor. my dress is decorated at the bottom.. yes i'm wearing my prom dress. so that's another version of it.

me n a group dress in horror theme clothes.

saturday noon we have games. station games.. i was like soaking wet.. cuz most of it.. we have to jump into the pool. lolx. oh well.. no photos on that.. we were all super late after bath. so 20 of us sqeeze into one of d group member's naza ria.. lolx. on that night.. we went back to our villa bout 2am after class. then our group have to do discussion for our presentation on sunday. eating maggi mee at 4am. we all slept at 445 am.

some of us. other went to sleep. lolx.

sunday. last day.. our branch won a prize. most creative design. for the fashion show.. lolx.
left a famosa at 5pm plus. reach station at 6pm plus. then we went eat dinner. reach home bout 1030pm.

dinner time.

i feel damn independant weih.. haha
oh yea.. nine hours of sleep cuz thursday night slpet 2 hours. friday night 4 hours. saturday night 2 hours. =)

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

totally unexpected.

everything came up unexpectedly. =)

firstly. saturday night. went meeting in temple. went dinner wid shuenz, sis, n song wei. cracking our brains for ideas for the fashion show this friday. after 1 hour of thinking.. nothing came out.. we were like.. shyt.. how now.. no theme no nothing.. form also cannot hand it. shuenz brought magazines.. then.. roxy thought of wearing pantyhose.. lolx. meeting went on fine.. ended early!. went yam cha after that.

sunday. morning. went temple again.. spring cleaning. shuenz n i was washing the toilets. n mopping the floors. then. there was a talk. me, roxy, shuenz n sis sat infront.. dunno bout the others but i wasn't really listening. lolx. asked the visitors weird question. supposingly only sothing 2 do wid education.. but we ended up askin facilities n shopping complex! then. meeting again. with kepong n usj youth. parents went back taiping 2 pick my grandma up. so she's here now.. which means no life.

monday. haven even had my breakfast.. visitors starts coming in.. my auntie came.. she was talking 2 my grandma. then.. i heard car sound.. turn around.. pn.chuah eng hoe was outside.. with my dad's cousin from australia. first word.. uh-oh. fyi. pn.chuah's husband is dad's cousin. so in other words. i'm related to pn.chuah. =) long complicated story.. i know.
at night went roxy's house discuss bout the fashion show thing n transport there.. since our theme is mix n match. =) which means we still hav 2 brainstorm.

tonight mr.roxy's house again. tmr nite temple. practice for d video shooting on thurs. according 2 them ntv7 ppl coming 2 make a video for d cny commercial. friday i'm off to melaka a famosa for training camp. coming back only on sunday. damn pack weih!.

Friday, January 5, 2007

when it all falls apart.

i need intervention
attention to stop temptation to scream.
everything is F'ed up
straight from the heart
tell me what do you do,
when it all falls apart.
gotta pick myself up
where do i start
cuz i can't turn to you
when it all falls apart.
don't know who my real friends are
i put my faith in you
what a stupid thing to do.
can it be easier?
can i just change my life?
cause it just seems to go bad everytime
will i be mending?
another one ending once again.


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

happy happy new year!.

school's starting.! i'll have the whole afternoon to myself since my brother's not home. haha. he's in form 1 and yea.. in my ex-school. he's like some small kido first time going school. after 6 ears of primary school.. going thru 6 years of first day of schooll. he still cant addapt.. dumbo.. he's like what do i need to bring to school? am i allowed to use gel? how 2 tie a necktie... and all sorts.. i was like.. helllooo.. it's not your first time going thru first day of school thingg.. urgh.

happy happy new year.. yea mann.. i went 1u with my sis on 30th dec. went 1u again with my fren 31st dec. went sogo with my family on 1st jan... what for?? shopping. and yesterday.. my mom asked me.. 'so tomorrow where u wanna go shop?' i was like.. what?? but it was fun. my sister ask my dad if she can buy a new purse. then my dad was like 'take lar..' then she ask if can get a lipgloss. same reply came out.. i was like.. what's with all the where u wanna go shop n take lar kinda thing.. it's so not my parents..

anyway there goes all the holiday.. everyone's going back to school. i should start a new chapter in my life. it started with my temple.! i know it's not a really good place to start.. but . yes.. i'm back with my secretary job.. making phone calls n writting reports.. so far.. wrote 1 report.. oh n not forgetting bout my braces.. plus. i'm currently going under a housewife in making program.. doing house chores.. which explains my skin on my finger is peeling.

so.. it's a brand new chapter. brand new life. brand new me!.

p.s. : to all ns people.. happy ns-ing. i'll miss you definately. *hugz*