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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

totally unexpected.

everything came up unexpectedly. =)

firstly. saturday night. went meeting in temple. went dinner wid shuenz, sis, n song wei. cracking our brains for ideas for the fashion show this friday. after 1 hour of thinking.. nothing came out.. we were like.. shyt.. how now.. no theme no nothing.. form also cannot hand it. shuenz brought magazines.. then.. roxy thought of wearing pantyhose.. lolx. meeting went on fine.. ended early!. went yam cha after that.

sunday. morning. went temple again.. spring cleaning. shuenz n i was washing the toilets. n mopping the floors. then. there was a talk. me, roxy, shuenz n sis sat infront.. dunno bout the others but i wasn't really listening. lolx. asked the visitors weird question. supposingly only sothing 2 do wid education.. but we ended up askin facilities n shopping complex! then. meeting again. with kepong n usj youth. parents went back taiping 2 pick my grandma up. so she's here now.. which means no life.

monday. haven even had my breakfast.. visitors starts coming in.. my auntie came.. she was talking 2 my grandma. then.. i heard car sound.. turn around.. pn.chuah eng hoe was outside.. with my dad's cousin from australia. first word.. uh-oh. fyi. pn.chuah's husband is dad's cousin. so in other words. i'm related to pn.chuah. =) long complicated story.. i know.
at night went roxy's house discuss bout the fashion show thing n transport there.. since our theme is mix n match. =) which means we still hav 2 brainstorm.

tonight mr.roxy's house again. tmr nite temple. practice for d video shooting on thurs. according 2 them ntv7 ppl coming 2 make a video for d cny commercial. friday i'm off to melaka a famosa for training camp. coming back only on sunday. damn pack weih!.

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JeremyChee said...

good luck in everything.
Bye Bye in advance.