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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

happy happy new year!.

school's starting.! i'll have the whole afternoon to myself since my brother's not home. haha. he's in form 1 and yea.. in my ex-school. he's like some small kido first time going school. after 6 ears of primary school.. going thru 6 years of first day of schooll. he still cant addapt.. dumbo.. he's like what do i need to bring to school? am i allowed to use gel? how 2 tie a necktie... and all sorts.. i was like.. helllooo.. it's not your first time going thru first day of school thingg.. urgh.

happy happy new year.. yea mann.. i went 1u with my sis on 30th dec. went 1u again with my fren 31st dec. went sogo with my family on 1st jan... what for?? shopping. and yesterday.. my mom asked me.. 'so tomorrow where u wanna go shop?' i was like.. what?? but it was fun. my sister ask my dad if she can buy a new purse. then my dad was like 'take lar..' then she ask if can get a lipgloss. same reply came out.. i was like.. what's with all the where u wanna go shop n take lar kinda thing.. it's so not my parents..

anyway there goes all the holiday.. everyone's going back to school. i should start a new chapter in my life. it started with my temple.! i know it's not a really good place to start.. but . yes.. i'm back with my secretary job.. making phone calls n writting reports.. so far.. wrote 1 report.. oh n not forgetting bout my braces.. plus. i'm currently going under a housewife in making program.. doing house chores.. which explains my skin on my finger is peeling.

so.. it's a brand new chapter. brand new life. brand new me!.

p.s. : to all ns people.. happy ns-ing. i'll miss you definately. *hugz*


shuehna said...

hey! bring me to sogo!! i dunno how it look like since i was a kinder kid.


shuenz .

yinli said...

sogo? ok sure.. take lrt n lets go!. parkin there super expensive. they're still havin sale 4 ladies department. lolx.