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Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy new year.

yes. it's new year. and yes i'm at home. wondering why? oh well. simple. there was a bbq party at my house just bout 3 hours ago. it's just a family reunion thing. n yes. i'm sick. on new year eve. i was in a puking mode after washing up. my cousins are downstairs. i'm in my room. getting some peace n quite. my sister went countdown. since she couldn't get out for d past few days. i decided 2 skip this year's countdown. no photos as i was tired after preparing food n entertaining people

i'm partying alone in my room. on air-cond. blast radio. drinking. n writting this. if i'm not sick. i will b downstairs entertaining those small kidos. no offence but they ARE irritating. oh well. i get peace in my room. =) n since i'm sick. wasn't allowed to drink actually. still.. took just a little. hehe. supposingly there's vodka. but on second thought. those kids are just too young .. haha. they were BANNED from drinking. haha.. but a small sip wont harm them. at least.. i think.

oh and i have this ulcer in my mouth. it's huge. caused by.. braces. urgh.. i've been eating in the weirdest way ever.. eating durian with spoon. n eating hot dog.. with knife and fork. haha.. but now i can eat normally.. but there's always food stuck between those brackets. urgh.

one thing i like bout new year.. shopping. yea mann. went 1u yesterday and today. n tomorrow which is new year day. duno where i'm going to shop. hehe.. since there's no college or school for me.. i stil can set my alarm at 8am.. n eventually wake up at 9 or sometimes 10.

2007 new year resolution: have fun and enjoy life. =)
have a better time management.
find a guy.
discover better eating ways.

thats all for the last day of the year. happy new year everyone.!

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