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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

adore-able-ly swollen

that umbrealla. mini.


my dad = paparazi

island hopping. =)

my sis n i. =)

hey peeps. welcome 2 my first blog. so. since i just came back from langkawi, guess i should write bout it. =) i noe it's odd veiwing photos before reading it. hehe. something diff mayb?

1st day. 15th dec 2006.

left house at 12. arrive klia check in n left for langkawi at 245pm.arrive there bout 350pm. guess what. that was my first time on plane. unbelievable? believe it. =) the coach was there waiting. arrive at hotel bout 4 plus. bumpy ride. eek.! parents n bro , my sis n i. teehee. my room was better than my parents - more canggih hair dryer, better toilet seat, super cold room. haha. went for a walk in the beach. then dinner. then rest n relax. cant sleep d first day but my sis slept early.

2nd day. 16 dec 2006.

breakfast in hotel. went island hopping. met few girls there. we were havin loads of fun. unexpectedly. i got SEA SICK n ong. CAR SICK. except that i din throw up. back to hotel. here comes the car. yea mann. went cable car. scenery = wow. then went pasar malam n shopping! slept bout 12 cuz was tired. my sis slept at i duno what time. she ws receiving phone calls. loads of it. lolx.

3rd day. 17 dec 2006.

breakfast. n round island tour. then went gunung raya. geez. the scenery there was superb.!
after that went hot spring. n seven well. i so love the scenery there. at night my sis n i went 2 see stars. =) then we went drink wine that we bought earlier. as a result of my smartness.. i got a pair of adore-able-ly swollen finger n palm. drank 2 cups of diff flavoured 'kampai' n FEW cups of fruit wine. i thought d alcohol level was 6% but my mom told me it actually 14%.. omg!.. thank god i wasn't drunk. just felt really hot. teehee.

last day. 18 dec 2006.

went shopping after breakfast. then pack n shop again. left langkawi at 6.30pm. reach home at 9 pm. it was really fun there. oh n i realise something. my dad plays with his food. haha.


Mr.J said...

1st comment for yr blog!
hello people , i gave her the word adorable , so basically i'm like the founder of this blog yea!

Well , next time if she tells you that she can't go out with you becuz she needs to do her washing ... DONT EVA EVER TRUST HER ... hahahhaha !
owe me lotsa stuff..

yeahh all the pics showed clearly you enjoyed ur trip.. but just a lil swell wont affect the whole thing rite? POOF. HAPPY BRACING SOON!

Anonymous said...

owh... 2nd 2 comment... well its fun 2 read but i am sure its not so fun 2 type it all right?? keke. well credits 2 yinli as ur blog is kinda fun.. might hire u as my blogger keekk.. help me do blogging stuff XD.. well show me ur braces!!!!! keke the pic u took wif sien hoo u look so funny.. nice blog u have there

rock on gurl

yinli said...

i noe my dear kor kor.. i'm in braces n that was actually d number duno how many picture i took while waiting. all of them sux. lolx