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Friday, December 29, 2006


yes people. it's my first day n first time working. in an office. my dad's office. 1 day only fortunately. haha. but i still get paid.. =) hehe. all i did was sit at the desk.. wait for phone calls. solve sudoku. play solitaire n freecell. send a fax. read magazine. thats all!.. n i get paid! :D

i found out something funny. my dad's staffs comes in later than him, leaves earlier than him. lunch time more than an hour.. what 2 do.. traffic!. smart people.. go 1u for lunch.. haha ok then.. my mom called the office 2 see if i can do my job nicely.. but still.. hehe.

i read this in the magazine.. secret : man hates - straightened hair.. is this true guys?? i so dont actually see that.. but haha.. the magazine said that.. oh and man hates lipstick n lip gloss.. true or not.. only you guys know. =)

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