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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i need a better life.

i need a better life.. hmm.. get the hint people??
lets see.. what i did today.
  • wake up
  • do laundry
  • watch sharkboy and lavagirl
  • sleep
  • solve sudoku
  • sms
  • watch tv but was shooed away again by my bro .. stupid fool
  • dinner

look like someone that has no life huh.? i have another 3 full basket loads of laundry since we came back from langkawi. geez. well. the credit all goes to the weather. since there's been no sun. i thought i can finish that 4days 3 nights laundry in 2 days time.. turns out to be.. *ahem* i duno how long. and damn it.. i forgotten bout my mom's birthday.. my dad, sis n i planned something but all of us eventually forgotten. bad huh? tell me bout it.. but we got mama a cake today. *tee hee* my hands r still swollen. i'm like rubbing it d whole time n writting these.

to all dxy peeps.. u know who u are.. tsk tsk..

congrats!. the performance was great. thou i wasnt there. hehe. celebration party anyone? love ya all.. hugz.

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DXY said...

DXY peeps here.
Thanks alot.
We luv u too

no life ?
come zhong xin larh.