hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


people often ask the same question.
make the same assumption.
conclude with the same thing.

bad things happens all the time.
sometimes days apart.
even minutes.

people always leave.
but they left a part of them with us.

sun shines after the rain.
clear blue skies will appear.
sometimes rainbow.
if you're lucky.
a full rainbow.

after everything.
the loyal smile will show its shine.
just enough to convince everyone else and oneself.
that everything's gonna be alright.



one evening, one group of people, two different occasions, two different birthdays. tons of laughter. (:

went steamboat with the classmates. it was for joycelyn. since her bday's on 31st august.
and everyone will not be around then.
took us alot of energy and ways to surprise her.

joycelyn dint wanna attend the steamboat dinner. soo. had no choice to tell her it's yong wei's birthday. that way she'll turn up for cake cutting session.
then we decided it was too smoky and oily in the restaurant. thus decided to go to joycelyn's place. the excuse was 'the restaurant's nearer to your place'.
then sing the birthday song. boy.. was she surprised!.
cuz it was way too early for a birthday celebration since its 5 days before the actual date.

too bad darling winnee couldnt be there. ):
you'll be alright my dear. dont worry. (: cant wait to see you back here!. muax!.

it's week13. and i miss home.
sooooo. i'm going home !. hehe.. and and i can attend this!

the poster is in twos because that's how the poster is. :/
oh well.. i'mma go back to bed now. *yawn*

another month and he's gonna be back!.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


it's been 10 days since my last post.
the lack of updates is firstly because..
i have nothing much to update about.
cuz all i do here is to attend class.
lately the group goes out less. cuz it's very near finals already.

talking about finals.
i havent really start studying. *smack head*
week 13 already arrr. i really really should start.

my classmates been around abit lately.. utter random.
sorry peeps. i had to pull out of gua tempurung trip.
h1n1 mahhh.. hee.

i'm starting to get a lil home sick.
maybe because it's too quiet.
i had to keep windows media player on MOST of the time so that i feel less lonely..
sooo.. keeping the music bank updated is VERY VERY important.
any nice songs to be introduced??
drop a comment at the tag box kayy!.

thank you very muchh!!. :D

taken in class during mifs. credits to ck.
ooooohh!. soo nicely curved hair!. (: me likeyy!!.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i have additional items to my wish list..

PURSE. *now that body glove tore a little*

yup. i think that's all for now. until i think of something new. :D

over dinner with the besties just now, we were talking about exams.
the topic went over to birthdays. since my paper ends on one of my bestie's birthday.
i also have a paper on my birthday. so does the besties.
so i gave them the most evil smirk cuz they cant have the whatever fight they wanna have.
then a question pop-ed out.

'your boyfriend not here so you'll be lonely lor? '

i smiled and reply. exam lahh. study 1st. haha. sides.
boyf not around still got you all mahh. kan?

honestly.. boyfriend or no boyfriend it's a day. okay fine. MY day.
he's not gonna be around and i've accepted that fact since the day he told me he's only gonna be back october or november.
i have never celebrated a birthday with a boyfriend before. and that's the truth.
bad things happens especially during that time. and i hate it..

note to boyf: i still love you. ♥

eventually i got over it and just wanna have a non-dramatic-just-hang-out day.

darling cey jie.. dont feel bad for asking that question.. i know i have you guys on that day. *hugs*

i have alot of friends who's birthday falls on 28th september. the spotlight then went to our foundation friend.
and they gave me a 'very serious task' to be completed. XD
i'll try to get the answer ASAP. try okay.. T-R-Y. (:

i'm still up at this time cuz i just came back from felicia's birthday yumcha session.
so it's birthday shoutout time.

happy belated birthday song wei!. all the best for spm!.

happy birthday Felicia Sue!. thank the boyf for the drinks.
happy birthday JOES!. i called you and am gonna wish you again!.
happy birthday Yun Lu! meet up sometime? havent seen you for ages.

ohhh. suppose to be able to see meteor rain.. but nahh.
sleep is much more important. 8am class tmr and it's very important.
business finance.

damn!. i just ter knocked my elbow against the side of my toilet and it hurts like damn alot now..

h1n1 just gotten worst in utar kampar. :/ i dont know to hope for closure of university or continuation of classes.
oh well.. take care peeps!.
you shall come to class with me tmr mask. :D

off to bed. nite!.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

results of boredom..

shun youS came back today..
went for dinner with them.
but today only four of us.
chia hui, xi shun, ah yong and i.

went to tg.tualang for dinner. (:

stewed pork with radish.

sweet and sour pork. (ku lou yok)

vege fried with sambal.

and last but not least..

stir fried prawns..

it was awesome.. but but abit the pricey lorr..
guess the price lahh.. (:


wish list. (: *edited*

holla peeps..
wish list.

it's the edited version..

i now need a new purse!. for real.
cuz body glove sudah crack sikit. hehe..

a new phone!. now that my old one looks. um. ahha.
and and it shuts itself almost every 10minutes.

sony ericsson T707. beauty.
oh oh!. i've always wanted this!!.
HTC touch pro.
nice lahhhh..

i miss being able to do this.. :/ *snap*
ehhh!! focus on the shoes lahh.
i think i can wish for a converse ritee?
haven own one of those before.
well i dont mind getting new heels..
i mau yang tall tall punya..

ini guess watch sangat pretty lahh.. shoo white..
me likey..

i want a pretty dresss.. ):
more nice nice tops.. the wardrobe is getting boring... *hint hint*
i dont mind prada, gucci or LV. :D
ohh this can go on and on..

honestly. i dont really have a wish list..
just being unrealistic for a moment.
whatt!!. i'm a girl wert..

i just want to be home. which unfortunately is not gonna come true.
*refers to previous post*
oh well.. birthday or not. it's just a day. (:


dum dee dum~

quote jian 'i wanna bitch bout ppl and give u ideas'
note: ideas cuz the blog is boring.. (yes i know)
omg.. stop bitching about ppl lahhh.. haha!.

shall work on my presentation slides.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

out of boredom

holla peeps!.

it's a saturday night!.
and i'm in my room..

i never watched so many dramas a day that i got bored of every one of it.
so rotation between:
burning flame III
the secret life of an american teenager
drop dead diva
make it or break it

this is what best friends does. they attempt to rape you. XD
and most of the time. they succeed. wtfknnccb..

a group photo of the classmates. ♥
bft3: banking and finance, tutorial group 3.

final's timetable is out..

and that makes me saddddddd... ):

12/9 - english for management
17/9 - customer relationship management
24/9 - business finance
25/9 - economic analysis and policy
28/9 - managing information for financial services

it says draft. but most probably confirm ddi ler.

why do i have one week break? (18th-23rd)
cuz of hari raya. =.=
no offence lah. but that one week there is damn potong lorr!!.
i could've been back home earlier. and prolly in time for birthday.
oh well. already expected just didnt know it'll be sooo acccurate.
samore it's BF and EAP back to back..
sei lor.
omfg. last subject. MIFS. consperm no mood to study.
lecture class is as boring as ever.. and and. morintu!!.

oh btw. sem break starts after 28th. and last only for 3 weeks.
feel free to make your bookings!. XD.

i was sooo bored that i cleaned my room, rearange the supplies. and now it looks very clean!.
only thing left's laundry. since i'll be super free again tomorrow.
i'm not back in PJ cuz i went back last week.
going back either next week OR the following week.
sien lah stay here alone. :/
sides. KTM tickets run sells out pretty quickly due to the rising population in kampar.
if got public holidays worst still!.

talking about that..
september isn't that far away kan..
and and a wish list now isn't too late rite??

stay tune for the next post!. :D

Sunday, August 2, 2009


byebye july. hello august.

i'm very very tired. and my body's aching.
due to menstrual. blehh.
and also sunway lagoon. (: photos are still in the camera at HOME.

QI family day was fun!. day out with sis and mom. went for all the chi gek rides. only thing is. we missed out wild wild west. (smart lah. din take map.) and also the G force in extreme park. (i call it the bola bola) cuz needa pay rm 50 per ride. it's a FIVE ZERO. way too expensive. not worth lerr.

went into scream park too. but chickened out before the 3D part. shyt lahh. i dun like all these things.. ngeh. but i know my sister wanted to go.. so i basically ter-potong the excitement. :/ next time kay.. you go wid daddy. hahaha. i tak mau masuk ddi. can heart attack weih.

ooh. met stephanie there. um stephanie from dj. um.. chua yee hwa.. she's a part-timer there.

later that night went grocery shopping wid mom and dad kat atria. saw suzanne (vincent's sister), rayner! but tak sempat say hi. , tiffany (calvin's girlf) and michelle ooi. yang i wanna meet was at gohtong makan dinner. haha!. oh well. still got plenty of chances. haha.

on the way to taiping was painful. menstrual lahh. luckily it only started this morning. muahahah. if not yesterday cannot go for water rides. plus along the way was rain-shine-rain-shine. no fun lahh..
stopped over at ipoh for breakfast and to buy things mommy wants. eggtarts and salted chicken and chee cheong fun. (: yumms..
lunch at taiping was good!. went to some restaurant in a hotel next to hsbc. i think it's called boon hua. cuz the sign says 文华 restaurant.

next was back to kampar. wanted to go see winnee's tournament tapi my body says no.. so daddy sent me back. and he left ddi. ):

daddy says we can go on place hopping soon!. then can conquer the top of maxwell hill. after kacau's pmr. heheh.. we used to do that pretty often. fun lahh. tapi expenses abit high. STILL. it's alright cuz it's precious family time spent there. looking forward to that. *shreeeks.*

hmm i blame menstrual for my bad memory. lol!.
left handsfree in the table at home, egg tarts for shun yous and babis & new moon in the car.
how am i suppose to go through the 2 and a half hours in the train this weekend lahhh.. ??

sighh. leave it to then laahh.

now the rants are all out, i can go for a nap.

happy 8th monthniversary, love.

nahh.. let you all jealous sikit. *evil smirk*

toodles!. (: