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Saturday, August 8, 2009

out of boredom

holla peeps!.

it's a saturday night!.
and i'm in my room..

i never watched so many dramas a day that i got bored of every one of it.
so rotation between:
burning flame III
the secret life of an american teenager
drop dead diva
make it or break it

this is what best friends does. they attempt to rape you. XD
and most of the time. they succeed. wtfknnccb..

a group photo of the classmates. ♥
bft3: banking and finance, tutorial group 3.

final's timetable is out..

and that makes me saddddddd... ):

12/9 - english for management
17/9 - customer relationship management
24/9 - business finance
25/9 - economic analysis and policy
28/9 - managing information for financial services

it says draft. but most probably confirm ddi ler.

why do i have one week break? (18th-23rd)
cuz of hari raya. =.=
no offence lah. but that one week there is damn potong lorr!!.
i could've been back home earlier. and prolly in time for birthday.
oh well. already expected just didnt know it'll be sooo acccurate.
samore it's BF and EAP back to back..
sei lor.
omfg. last subject. MIFS. consperm no mood to study.
lecture class is as boring as ever.. and and. morintu!!.

oh btw. sem break starts after 28th. and last only for 3 weeks.
feel free to make your bookings!. XD.

i was sooo bored that i cleaned my room, rearange the supplies. and now it looks very clean!.
only thing left's laundry. since i'll be super free again tomorrow.
i'm not back in PJ cuz i went back last week.
going back either next week OR the following week.
sien lah stay here alone. :/
sides. KTM tickets run sells out pretty quickly due to the rising population in kampar.
if got public holidays worst still!.

talking about that..
september isn't that far away kan..
and and a wish list now isn't too late rite??

stay tune for the next post!. :D

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