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Sunday, August 2, 2009


byebye july. hello august.

i'm very very tired. and my body's aching.
due to menstrual. blehh.
and also sunway lagoon. (: photos are still in the camera at HOME.

QI family day was fun!. day out with sis and mom. went for all the chi gek rides. only thing is. we missed out wild wild west. (smart lah. din take map.) and also the G force in extreme park. (i call it the bola bola) cuz needa pay rm 50 per ride. it's a FIVE ZERO. way too expensive. not worth lerr.

went into scream park too. but chickened out before the 3D part. shyt lahh. i dun like all these things.. ngeh. but i know my sister wanted to go.. so i basically ter-potong the excitement. :/ next time kay.. you go wid daddy. hahaha. i tak mau masuk ddi. can heart attack weih.

ooh. met stephanie there. um stephanie from dj. um.. chua yee hwa.. she's a part-timer there.

later that night went grocery shopping wid mom and dad kat atria. saw suzanne (vincent's sister), rayner! but tak sempat say hi. , tiffany (calvin's girlf) and michelle ooi. yang i wanna meet was at gohtong makan dinner. haha!. oh well. still got plenty of chances. haha.

on the way to taiping was painful. menstrual lahh. luckily it only started this morning. muahahah. if not yesterday cannot go for water rides. plus along the way was rain-shine-rain-shine. no fun lahh..
stopped over at ipoh for breakfast and to buy things mommy wants. eggtarts and salted chicken and chee cheong fun. (: yumms..
lunch at taiping was good!. went to some restaurant in a hotel next to hsbc. i think it's called boon hua. cuz the sign says 文华 restaurant.

next was back to kampar. wanted to go see winnee's tournament tapi my body says no.. so daddy sent me back. and he left ddi. ):

daddy says we can go on place hopping soon!. then can conquer the top of maxwell hill. after kacau's pmr. heheh.. we used to do that pretty often. fun lahh. tapi expenses abit high. STILL. it's alright cuz it's precious family time spent there. looking forward to that. *shreeeks.*

hmm i blame menstrual for my bad memory. lol!.
left handsfree in the table at home, egg tarts for shun yous and babis & new moon in the car.
how am i suppose to go through the 2 and a half hours in the train this weekend lahhh.. ??

sighh. leave it to then laahh.

now the rants are all out, i can go for a nap.

happy 8th monthniversary, love.

nahh.. let you all jealous sikit. *evil smirk*

toodles!. (:

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