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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i have additional items to my wish list..

PURSE. *now that body glove tore a little*

yup. i think that's all for now. until i think of something new. :D

over dinner with the besties just now, we were talking about exams.
the topic went over to birthdays. since my paper ends on one of my bestie's birthday.
i also have a paper on my birthday. so does the besties.
so i gave them the most evil smirk cuz they cant have the whatever fight they wanna have.
then a question pop-ed out.

'your boyfriend not here so you'll be lonely lor? '

i smiled and reply. exam lahh. study 1st. haha. sides.
boyf not around still got you all mahh. kan?

honestly.. boyfriend or no boyfriend it's a day. okay fine. MY day.
he's not gonna be around and i've accepted that fact since the day he told me he's only gonna be back october or november.
i have never celebrated a birthday with a boyfriend before. and that's the truth.
bad things happens especially during that time. and i hate it..

note to boyf: i still love you. ♥

eventually i got over it and just wanna have a non-dramatic-just-hang-out day.

darling cey jie.. dont feel bad for asking that question.. i know i have you guys on that day. *hugs*

i have alot of friends who's birthday falls on 28th september. the spotlight then went to our foundation friend.
and they gave me a 'very serious task' to be completed. XD
i'll try to get the answer ASAP. try okay.. T-R-Y. (:

i'm still up at this time cuz i just came back from felicia's birthday yumcha session.
so it's birthday shoutout time.

happy belated birthday song wei!. all the best for spm!.

happy birthday Felicia Sue!. thank the boyf for the drinks.
happy birthday JOES!. i called you and am gonna wish you again!.
happy birthday Yun Lu! meet up sometime? havent seen you for ages.

ohhh. suppose to be able to see meteor rain.. but nahh.
sleep is much more important. 8am class tmr and it's very important.
business finance.

damn!. i just ter knocked my elbow against the side of my toilet and it hurts like damn alot now..

h1n1 just gotten worst in utar kampar. :/ i dont know to hope for closure of university or continuation of classes.
oh well.. take care peeps!.
you shall come to class with me tmr mask. :D

off to bed. nite!.


pOT@tO said...

u still hv us~
paiseh neh~
wat a stupid question~
*hugs* babi~
n err....
hope to get an answer from u about "tat person" soon~

yinli said...

ahah. *hugs*
nothing lahh. haha.
have you all mahh.
we can sama sama study that night samore..

ooh about that person.
i emailed him.
he didnt reply my IM.
so yea..
hope he replies soon too!

pOT@tO said...

yea lo~

thx will wait for d news from u~

enjoy ur days at KL yea~