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Sunday, August 9, 2009

wish list. (: *edited*

holla peeps..
wish list.

it's the edited version..

i now need a new purse!. for real.
cuz body glove sudah crack sikit. hehe..

a new phone!. now that my old one looks. um. ahha.
and and it shuts itself almost every 10minutes.

sony ericsson T707. beauty.
oh oh!. i've always wanted this!!.
HTC touch pro.
nice lahhhh..

i miss being able to do this.. :/ *snap*
ehhh!! focus on the shoes lahh.
i think i can wish for a converse ritee?
haven own one of those before.
well i dont mind getting new heels..
i mau yang tall tall punya..

ini guess watch sangat pretty lahh.. shoo white..
me likey..

i want a pretty dresss.. ):
more nice nice tops.. the wardrobe is getting boring... *hint hint*
i dont mind prada, gucci or LV. :D
ohh this can go on and on..

honestly. i dont really have a wish list..
just being unrealistic for a moment.
whatt!!. i'm a girl wert..

i just want to be home. which unfortunately is not gonna come true.
*refers to previous post*
oh well.. birthday or not. it's just a day. (:


dum dee dum~

quote jian 'i wanna bitch bout ppl and give u ideas'
note: ideas cuz the blog is boring.. (yes i know)
omg.. stop bitching about ppl lahhh.. haha!.

shall work on my presentation slides.


Anonymous said...

budak ni! you can leave in yoru dreams la.. ahha

yinli said...

i am living my dreams. haha!. hello chea