hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i just named xian si-complicated. why that name? cuz she's having yet anoter gender crisis. (: please laa remain as a girl okayyy. xoxo.

i miss these people. ):

i decided not to name this cuz it's of mixtures again. hee.

that younger brother of mine got a THIRD place for his 1500. hah!. good job bro. proud sial. my effort of waking up at 7am to teman you jog is not wasted. because you did not really train. haha. swimming is not considered as training cuz swimming is NOT running.
but that fella did not do well for his malaria swim something something the day before sports day. came back with a shieldtox. to kill the mosquitos. lol.

the brother of mine.

since i'm like damn freee lately..
i need retail therapy. but low on $$.
sponsor anyone?

once again. why laa always treaten me? kns laaa.

Ronnie o'ron

sure u not goin tmr??
yes i'm not goin tomorrow
u la
why me again?
one sit will be empty tmr
i know.. put a teddy bear there to replace me. (:

just incase you're wondering. ron , kc and szuat li's going malacca to visit xi shun n chia hui.
even treaten to cancel if i'm not going. but i didnt go in the end. haha.
retail therapy is obviously more important. especially when mom's around. hee.

one more thing.

the way i are ya'll..
even the teacher said it was good.
bangga weih. spot me!.

btw this video is dated all the way back during cny.


Monday, April 28, 2008

100th post

this is gonna be an emo post. so if you're in a goood mood today or at least now, click on the 'x' at the top right corner of the page. or just scroll down to the next post. which might be happier.

was browsing through someone's blog a while ago. something came to my mind.
was looking through old photos. the same something came to my mind.
everytime i walk pass that thing in the room. the something comes to my mind.
everytime i search the drawers for accessories. the something seems to stand out.
everytime i pay for an item or anything. the something comes to my mind.

sometimes i wonder why did i trust you.
even thought of why i fell for you.
i shouldnt have put my trust on you leaving you to break it.
everything you said or did leaved a mark. whether or not it will disappear?
i dont know.

suddenly things changed.
the distance came after that.
i never seen you
neither heard from you.
reacalling the last time was long time ago
not even a hello.
*walks pass*

dries up the tears and that's it.

it's up to you to think that i'm talking bout you.
yes it's up to you. i dont bloody give a damn.

last but not least,
i'm glad i'm leaving.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

of randomness and hailats laughters.

i went to kampar yesterday to check out on where to stay. suppose to already have one already but the story is looong. and am not blogging bout it. cuz it's saddening.

oh so yea. kc drove chiahui, david, xi shun and i there. went straight to campus to look see. chia hui did a great job of making a lie. haha.

kc: eh everyone take out your ID.
ch: *checks wallet* eh i didnt bring.!.
all of us: what?!.
me: dun play laa.
ch: really!!. okay wait i know what to do.
*takes kc's id and went out of the car to guard house*.

few minutes later..
ch: okay lets go.
*kc drives pass the guard house*
kc: what you told the guard?
ch: exam!
memang berskill la laki-laki tu.
so we got ourselves into the campus. i like the peacefulness there. but it was damn hot!. maybe 40 degrees there. went to the office to get some info bout the houses. then took a tour to one of the blocks that has people.

every other people in utar is having exam except for us. buahaha. the 'exam aura' was strong from outside. but who cares!. we went in to so called 'add stress'. *evil laugh*

then someone oi-ed me. guess who!. yann shun.. uber random. he has to get into exam hall soon so i continue exploring. as we were deciding where to go next, a rather familiar car stop at the parking lot. guess who again! kaishan and vincent. who was running late to exam. smart laa. 230 exam reach at 220. lol.

toilets. of quantity and okay fine. quality, just a lil. at least better than those in pj campus.

off we go to westlake. where the houses are. saw and picked the single room at the 1st floor. as that was the best option. imagine reaching home after a long day of classes drop dead tired and having to walk up two floors to reach your room. no way.. price wasnt really good but at least i get to have my own toilet. (:

later went to explore the housing areas outside to see if there's any better pricing. saw one double-storey house. interested but pricey and i cant be staying at a house with only 1 guy. mom wouldnt allow anyway. so does his mom. the guy even thought i was his gf! lol. cuz only both of us have no where to stay.
drive drive drive talk talk talk laugh laugh laugh.

both of us decided to just book a house at westlake. the house is called tsing hua. new phrase so it's not ready yet. wth!. we hav to stay at a temp hostel which is above shoplots. might coose another place but book first just incase.

went to hav 'curry chicken bread' before leaving. stop over at tapah after getting out of the trunk road. once again. guess who i met? sarah's allen. allen low if i'm not mistaken. haha. the guys was like 'your network is big.. such small place also can meet a friend. ' it's called jodoh. the world is small laa okayy.

left tapah at 7 reach dj at 835. i was sleeping cuz i'm tired laa. was woken up by the guys asking which way to go. subang or kl. i know they were speeding but din expect to be home soo fast.

so photos..
david, me, chia hui n xi shun.
kc. (:
regarding the title. somehow everything was related to hailat. so it's random which eventually made us laugh..
to xian: i really was just kidding about the smoking thing. you know i'm not a fan of smokers rite.
cant believe i'm leaving. joy or sorrow i dont know..

Friday, April 25, 2008

it's overrr..

i'm now in a relaxed, rejoice and relieve mood. glad it's all over. (: aku menyukai finance laa. manage to finish the paper. hope that i got all the formulas and working correct. okayy. i shall NOT talk bout exams anymore.

since it was the last day i was ever gonna meet some of them, we went old town after exam then sg buloh for dinner and curve.

dinner was great. damn!. it's was friggin cheap. yet taste delicious. i will wanna go back there. haha. was being really good as i didnt take a single sip of the beer. (: *applause*

after dinner supposingly to go clubbing but changed to movie and in the end. we went to heaven. uh. the cafe over at curve, behind sakae sushi. the live band there was good. we didnt really wanna leave until the performance ended.

it's great hangging out with them laa. everything has been related to the movie ' forbidden kingdom' ever since tuesday. uh. crouching tiger, spanking monkey. lol.

hhhmm i might start to smoke someday. at least it's better than being a 2nd hand smoker. lol.
i was just kidding.


darling sueyong and i.
i love her.
xue ni, milky and i. (: *loves*
shirley, me and leslie's finger.
more photos soon!.

be going to kampar later.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

one down. one more to go.

tuning to: the veronicas- when it all falls apart.

cost accounting is FINALLY over. woohoo!. damn!. cant believe i've been studying that same subject during the weekends and cant answer the 1st question. knnwtfmch. i remember seeing that question. but couldnt remember how to find that dumbass variable cost. formulas didnt help either. the question is related. so without VC cant find FC then the BEP and the MOS plus graph. dang! the whole question was basically uh. EMPTY. graph is like easy marks. but graph without figures = sympathy marks. *prays hard* hopefully question 2 and 3 can earn me at least a C. i hav no confident at all for question 4. i must have confidence that i can pass. haha. just to comfort myself.

uh. sooo frustrated.

okay. enough of costing. time to get finance fit into my brains. havent touched that at all.

but before that.

happy birthday
see chia hui who self proclaim very lucky to be born on that day.
and my sister!. haha. you're old you know. buahaha.

will post about FORBIDDEN KINGDOM its a good movie. (: and chiahui's bday celebration most prolly after i come back from trip to kampar on friday.

oh and xian. one more day. sorry to keep you waiting. i give you moral support. * doing the heart to heart reception gesture* sending moral support.......

moral support sent. (: *hugs*

finance oh finance..

so till then.

vitagen makes me happy. <3

Monday, April 21, 2008

oh my gawwddd.... cost accounting is just sooo damn sickening!!!!.. damn!.
exam is in approx three days time TOMORROW!!!. and i'm not ready. shyt!.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

study week.

study week is meant for studying. but. the truth is. i have not been studying.

i have two papers. cost accounting on the 22nd and finance on 24th.
i know nuts about cost accounting. the worst part is the chapter i SUCCESSFULLY mastered in the subject is not coming out for finals because it came out during mid terms. wtf.


anyhow. i will pass! yes i will!. (: what?! have to have confidence in myself rite. *fingers crossed*

the previous which is also practically the last karaoke session with my classmates reminded me loads of the old times. every semester we'll head to redbox @ sunway for karaoke. sang almost the same song everytime.
god knows what are we gonna do in kampar where entertainment = zero. hmm fishing perhaps? or random picnic by the lake. lol.
some of them who wont be going to kampar. gonna miss you guys weih.

i got over some uh. i shall name it 'unhappy' times. but this i couldn't really get over as it came back during every karaoke session. it's been quite sometime but still. i'm in love with it this song.

*double sigh*

this song is in chinese anyway.
song title: 祝我生日快乐 (wish me happy birthday)-direct translation

i'm alright with it already seriously. (:
just reminiscing it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

wedding photos.

not my wedding of course!. just there for performance.

us and the couple.

the ladies all dressed up.

and another one.

william, monkey and guo liang.

ngiam ngiam. (:

not much photos were taken that day. but overall. it was fun.

Friday, April 11, 2008


i know it looks abit retarted but oh well. thanks guys for the wonderful time. the last day of our foundation year came so quickly. it's gonna take me ages to load all the photos so yea. it's easier this way. (: hearts.