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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i just named xian si-complicated. why that name? cuz she's having yet anoter gender crisis. (: please laa remain as a girl okayyy. xoxo.

i miss these people. ):

i decided not to name this cuz it's of mixtures again. hee.

that younger brother of mine got a THIRD place for his 1500. hah!. good job bro. proud sial. my effort of waking up at 7am to teman you jog is not wasted. because you did not really train. haha. swimming is not considered as training cuz swimming is NOT running.
but that fella did not do well for his malaria swim something something the day before sports day. came back with a shieldtox. to kill the mosquitos. lol.

the brother of mine.

since i'm like damn freee lately..
i need retail therapy. but low on $$.
sponsor anyone?

once again. why laa always treaten me? kns laaa.

Ronnie o'ron

sure u not goin tmr??
yes i'm not goin tomorrow
u la
why me again?
one sit will be empty tmr
i know.. put a teddy bear there to replace me. (:

just incase you're wondering. ron , kc and szuat li's going malacca to visit xi shun n chia hui.
even treaten to cancel if i'm not going. but i didnt go in the end. haha.
retail therapy is obviously more important. especially when mom's around. hee.

one more thing.

the way i are ya'll..
even the teacher said it was good.
bangga weih. spot me!.

btw this video is dated all the way back during cny.


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