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Monday, April 28, 2008

100th post

this is gonna be an emo post. so if you're in a goood mood today or at least now, click on the 'x' at the top right corner of the page. or just scroll down to the next post. which might be happier.

was browsing through someone's blog a while ago. something came to my mind.
was looking through old photos. the same something came to my mind.
everytime i walk pass that thing in the room. the something comes to my mind.
everytime i search the drawers for accessories. the something seems to stand out.
everytime i pay for an item or anything. the something comes to my mind.

sometimes i wonder why did i trust you.
even thought of why i fell for you.
i shouldnt have put my trust on you leaving you to break it.
everything you said or did leaved a mark. whether or not it will disappear?
i dont know.

suddenly things changed.
the distance came after that.
i never seen you
neither heard from you.
reacalling the last time was long time ago
not even a hello.
*walks pass*

dries up the tears and that's it.

it's up to you to think that i'm talking bout you.
yes it's up to you. i dont bloody give a damn.

last but not least,
i'm glad i'm leaving.

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