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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

study week.

study week is meant for studying. but. the truth is. i have not been studying.

i have two papers. cost accounting on the 22nd and finance on 24th.
i know nuts about cost accounting. the worst part is the chapter i SUCCESSFULLY mastered in the subject is not coming out for finals because it came out during mid terms. wtf.


anyhow. i will pass! yes i will!. (: what?! have to have confidence in myself rite. *fingers crossed*

the previous which is also practically the last karaoke session with my classmates reminded me loads of the old times. every semester we'll head to redbox @ sunway for karaoke. sang almost the same song everytime.
god knows what are we gonna do in kampar where entertainment = zero. hmm fishing perhaps? or random picnic by the lake. lol.
some of them who wont be going to kampar. gonna miss you guys weih.

i got over some uh. i shall name it 'unhappy' times. but this i couldn't really get over as it came back during every karaoke session. it's been quite sometime but still. i'm in love with it this song.

*double sigh*

this song is in chinese anyway.
song title: 祝我生日快乐 (wish me happy birthday)-direct translation

i'm alright with it already seriously. (:
just reminiscing it.

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