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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

one down. one more to go.

tuning to: the veronicas- when it all falls apart.

cost accounting is FINALLY over. woohoo!. damn!. cant believe i've been studying that same subject during the weekends and cant answer the 1st question. knnwtfmch. i remember seeing that question. but couldnt remember how to find that dumbass variable cost. formulas didnt help either. the question is related. so without VC cant find FC then the BEP and the MOS plus graph. dang! the whole question was basically uh. EMPTY. graph is like easy marks. but graph without figures = sympathy marks. *prays hard* hopefully question 2 and 3 can earn me at least a C. i hav no confident at all for question 4. i must have confidence that i can pass. haha. just to comfort myself.

uh. sooo frustrated.

okay. enough of costing. time to get finance fit into my brains. havent touched that at all.

but before that.

happy birthday
see chia hui who self proclaim very lucky to be born on that day.
and my sister!. haha. you're old you know. buahaha.

will post about FORBIDDEN KINGDOM its a good movie. (: and chiahui's bday celebration most prolly after i come back from trip to kampar on friday.

oh and xian. one more day. sorry to keep you waiting. i give you moral support. * doing the heart to heart reception gesture* sending moral support.......

moral support sent. (: *hugs*

finance oh finance..

so till then.

vitagen makes me happy. <3

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