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Saturday, April 26, 2008

of randomness and hailats laughters.

i went to kampar yesterday to check out on where to stay. suppose to already have one already but the story is looong. and am not blogging bout it. cuz it's saddening.

oh so yea. kc drove chiahui, david, xi shun and i there. went straight to campus to look see. chia hui did a great job of making a lie. haha.

kc: eh everyone take out your ID.
ch: *checks wallet* eh i didnt bring.!.
all of us: what?!.
me: dun play laa.
ch: really!!. okay wait i know what to do.
*takes kc's id and went out of the car to guard house*.

few minutes later..
ch: okay lets go.
*kc drives pass the guard house*
kc: what you told the guard?
ch: exam!
memang berskill la laki-laki tu.
so we got ourselves into the campus. i like the peacefulness there. but it was damn hot!. maybe 40 degrees there. went to the office to get some info bout the houses. then took a tour to one of the blocks that has people.

every other people in utar is having exam except for us. buahaha. the 'exam aura' was strong from outside. but who cares!. we went in to so called 'add stress'. *evil laugh*

then someone oi-ed me. guess who!. yann shun.. uber random. he has to get into exam hall soon so i continue exploring. as we were deciding where to go next, a rather familiar car stop at the parking lot. guess who again! kaishan and vincent. who was running late to exam. smart laa. 230 exam reach at 220. lol.

toilets. of quantity and okay fine. quality, just a lil. at least better than those in pj campus.

off we go to westlake. where the houses are. saw and picked the single room at the 1st floor. as that was the best option. imagine reaching home after a long day of classes drop dead tired and having to walk up two floors to reach your room. no way.. price wasnt really good but at least i get to have my own toilet. (:

later went to explore the housing areas outside to see if there's any better pricing. saw one double-storey house. interested but pricey and i cant be staying at a house with only 1 guy. mom wouldnt allow anyway. so does his mom. the guy even thought i was his gf! lol. cuz only both of us have no where to stay.
drive drive drive talk talk talk laugh laugh laugh.

both of us decided to just book a house at westlake. the house is called tsing hua. new phrase so it's not ready yet. wth!. we hav to stay at a temp hostel which is above shoplots. might coose another place but book first just incase.

went to hav 'curry chicken bread' before leaving. stop over at tapah after getting out of the trunk road. once again. guess who i met? sarah's allen. allen low if i'm not mistaken. haha. the guys was like 'your network is big.. such small place also can meet a friend. ' it's called jodoh. the world is small laa okayy.

left tapah at 7 reach dj at 835. i was sleeping cuz i'm tired laa. was woken up by the guys asking which way to go. subang or kl. i know they were speeding but din expect to be home soo fast.

so photos..
david, me, chia hui n xi shun.
kc. (:
regarding the title. somehow everything was related to hailat. so it's random which eventually made us laugh..
to xian: i really was just kidding about the smoking thing. you know i'm not a fan of smokers rite.
cant believe i'm leaving. joy or sorrow i dont know..

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