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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


is a powerful word.

IF only he was a little later,
IF only she was a little earlier.
things could be different.

IF only they know and realised it a little earlier,
things could be different once again.

IF only you were there,
things will be different.

IF maintaining it would be so hard,
why bother starting?

IF it's so hard to tell,
why bother telling?

IF you would listen,
things wont end up the way it is now.


addicted to emo songs.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

so what now?!

i've been fucking emo the whole week thou i dont seem to look like i am. as i always do.
got ditched a zillion times this week and it's shooo shickening. everything seems to be the wrong place at the wrong time. boohoo

i classify washing toilets as one of my way to release my emo-ness.
i wanna cry but nothing comes out. it's not the correct day anyway.
it's performance day tomorrow and gosh. i duno if i can do it well. i wanna look goood.

examination results are out. and that's NOT the reason i'm feeling emo. *smiles*
it was satisfaction. although i bloody screwed up my sociology. but i scored higher for socio compared to mass comm.

thanks KC for temaning me almost the whole day. saved me from being bored at home.
and then Kent. was suppose to go yum cha because of your mistake. but i forgive you. haha. i was tired already. so decided to stay home. thanks for coming over. btw. you still owe me. (:
not forgetting keng chuan for helping me in dinner!.

back to the topic.

alright. i like things the way it is now. i'm happy with it. minus all the issues. which i still can handle it. at the moment. do not try to take that away from me i'm warning. i'm coping great with everything.

so what?
do i look like i fuckin give a damn ?
who the hell you think you are?
get a life laa.

Monday, February 18, 2008

still in the midst of celebration

basically what i did during chinese new year.
had my weekend nicely spent being holy. (:

offering muh-nee to the god. and obviously. the one in yellow is my poserific brother.
we lost count the amount of 'money' there. as grandma was the one who folded them.
lets say. estimated bout 2000++?..

the fire was hot hot. almost gonna telan the tree and wayar.

grandma at dong zen temple. she loves the pictures which had natural colours on it.
totally not painted on. they say it's becuz the prayers is done there. after i dont know how many chants done, somehow someway. the colours end up at the correct place.

MBPJ open house. me and kai en with the swimmers. and their moms.

both of us with the moms.

the stingray swimmers n i.

all the best to them for mssss starting today.

spent most of my time standing in an 3 inches high shoe with it's platform in the middle. the same as those you see in chinese traditional palace movies. waiting for some minister with no time management. gosh. so what if you're a vvip? late for an hour and left less than half n hour later. jeez.

went to pamelyn's place for dinner later on. had lots n lots of food though i was exhausted.

gotta get going now. suppose to be at work now but dad couldnt sent me there in the morning. so i'm going only in the afternoon.

so there shouldn't be anymore updates till next week as there's another crash course for dance performance this weekend.

to till then. (:

Thursday, February 14, 2008


gosh. i was standing outside my office block after work today. n i saw like super alot of people / couples walking with bouquet of flowers.. soo sweet. (:

and yes. i'm home okay.. i have no date. alright. nothing very surprising about that laa. *wink*

well. i gtg now. hav to help prepare for prayers tonight.

definately gonna wake up with dark circles. lol..


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

fan tai sui

for those who doesnt know what does my title means.. here's the explanation.

fan tai sui (in chinese): means something like your zodiac uh kinda made the god angry/ not happy.. there's different animals every year. and this year is for the horse and pigs.

seriously.. it affected mee. wtf.. soo badly that i fell sick the day before chinese new year's eve and was down with fever on 1st day of cny.. everyone was happily having fun and i was sitting there. being super quiet which i always do when i'm sick.

the bomoh say i cannot visit sick people. and i cannot celebrate my birthday!. boohoo.

well. good thing i recovered before going to the temple. i was there for a ceremony. it's called 'gong fo zhai tian' which means offering food to the gods. same as the one i did last year.
gosh it was boring i tell you..
mun yi and i was sleeping there basically whole day as we have nothing to do while waiting for the others to do their hair n makeup. we the lazy bum bums wait till everyone's done only we go. lol. if not we'll mess up the hair n makeup which requires us to put fake eye lashes.

aiya damn lazy to write already laa.. see photos laa.

cny eve. (: it's good...

the dining table after almost everyone eaten. there's more food at the back.
*grandma, mom, me and 4th uncle.*

candid group photo.

4th uncle trying out the 'wind effect' on his DSLR.

flowers of dong zen temple.

uh. bird-eye's view? taken from the highest floor in the whole temple.

ying, me and mun yi

mun yi and i. we had fake eye lashes and heavy head deco.

hehe. (:

june getting her head deco done while waiting to do her makeup.

last but not least:
day view.



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

80th post

i wonder. is there such thing as chocolate overdose?
there's alcohol and drug overdose. so then.
is there such thing as chocolate ovedose?

you must be wondering why on earth am i posting the question on the net.

i just recovered from fever, which i have no idea how i got it. skipped lunch and dinner just now as i wasn't well. obviously i was damn hungry after all the sweat and throwing out. so.
i had a cup of fresh chocolate milk, a cup of hot chocolate and chocolate biscuit.

do sound like a total depresion mood with all those chocolate. but i wasnt emo at all. surprisingly. i'm perfectly fine.


must be me being over exhausted. soo many things to do yet soo little time. baking cookies. *loves* shopping. and cleaning. the list goes on..

i should be in bed as that i just recovered. but decided to wait for daddy. i miss him. haven't seen him in days. uh. 2 days to be exact. he went to singapore.

well it's chinese new year's eve tomorrow. good thing i'm feeling good now. which means i'm soo gonna gain weight. hmm. who cares. that's like the fun part of cny. besides the angpau..

soo.. anyone care to spare me some angpau? *wink*

happy chinese new year!