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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

fan tai sui

for those who doesnt know what does my title means.. here's the explanation.

fan tai sui (in chinese): means something like your zodiac uh kinda made the god angry/ not happy.. there's different animals every year. and this year is for the horse and pigs.

seriously.. it affected mee. wtf.. soo badly that i fell sick the day before chinese new year's eve and was down with fever on 1st day of cny.. everyone was happily having fun and i was sitting there. being super quiet which i always do when i'm sick.

the bomoh say i cannot visit sick people. and i cannot celebrate my birthday!. boohoo.

well. good thing i recovered before going to the temple. i was there for a ceremony. it's called 'gong fo zhai tian' which means offering food to the gods. same as the one i did last year.
gosh it was boring i tell you..
mun yi and i was sleeping there basically whole day as we have nothing to do while waiting for the others to do their hair n makeup. we the lazy bum bums wait till everyone's done only we go. lol. if not we'll mess up the hair n makeup which requires us to put fake eye lashes.

aiya damn lazy to write already laa.. see photos laa.

cny eve. (: it's good...

the dining table after almost everyone eaten. there's more food at the back.
*grandma, mom, me and 4th uncle.*

candid group photo.

4th uncle trying out the 'wind effect' on his DSLR.

flowers of dong zen temple.

uh. bird-eye's view? taken from the highest floor in the whole temple.

ying, me and mun yi

mun yi and i. we had fake eye lashes and heavy head deco.

hehe. (:

june getting her head deco done while waiting to do her makeup.

last but not least:
day view.



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey...i saw u tat day...ahaha...i almost cant recognise tat's u coz of ur fake eyelashes...^^
dun feel embarrassing..coz tat day my relatives did say tat u're d most pretty among all of them...should happy ma...^^
noe u feel tiring...better rest more n drink more water....really miss u neh....take care...^^