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Saturday, February 23, 2008

so what now?!

i've been fucking emo the whole week thou i dont seem to look like i am. as i always do.
got ditched a zillion times this week and it's shooo shickening. everything seems to be the wrong place at the wrong time. boohoo

i classify washing toilets as one of my way to release my emo-ness.
i wanna cry but nothing comes out. it's not the correct day anyway.
it's performance day tomorrow and gosh. i duno if i can do it well. i wanna look goood.

examination results are out. and that's NOT the reason i'm feeling emo. *smiles*
it was satisfaction. although i bloody screwed up my sociology. but i scored higher for socio compared to mass comm.

thanks KC for temaning me almost the whole day. saved me from being bored at home.
and then Kent. was suppose to go yum cha because of your mistake. but i forgive you. haha. i was tired already. so decided to stay home. thanks for coming over. btw. you still owe me. (:
not forgetting keng chuan for helping me in dinner!.

back to the topic.

alright. i like things the way it is now. i'm happy with it. minus all the issues. which i still can handle it. at the moment. do not try to take that away from me i'm warning. i'm coping great with everything.

so what?
do i look like i fuckin give a damn ?
who the hell you think you are?
get a life laa.

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