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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

80th post

i wonder. is there such thing as chocolate overdose?
there's alcohol and drug overdose. so then.
is there such thing as chocolate ovedose?

you must be wondering why on earth am i posting the question on the net.

i just recovered from fever, which i have no idea how i got it. skipped lunch and dinner just now as i wasn't well. obviously i was damn hungry after all the sweat and throwing out. so.
i had a cup of fresh chocolate milk, a cup of hot chocolate and chocolate biscuit.

do sound like a total depresion mood with all those chocolate. but i wasnt emo at all. surprisingly. i'm perfectly fine.


must be me being over exhausted. soo many things to do yet soo little time. baking cookies. *loves* shopping. and cleaning. the list goes on..

i should be in bed as that i just recovered. but decided to wait for daddy. i miss him. haven't seen him in days. uh. 2 days to be exact. he went to singapore.

well it's chinese new year's eve tomorrow. good thing i'm feeling good now. which means i'm soo gonna gain weight. hmm. who cares. that's like the fun part of cny. besides the angpau..

soo.. anyone care to spare me some angpau? *wink*

happy chinese new year!

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