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Thursday, January 31, 2008

crap of the dayy.

i was having one of the finest day out with xian until after the movies.
we decided to watch cloverfield since xian has free tix which expires today and all the other movies are kinda late.

so then. cloverfield. i rate it one of the worst movie i seen. soo pening kepala after watching it. it's actually about a video about the incident that happen in manhattan.

oh my gawd...

there was lots of running and normally a camera man, if they are video taping something while running, the images will be blury... so yea.. the main cause of the dizziess.
so that's not a show i recomend.

oh well.. enuf on the movies. was at 1u for about more than 5 hours and xian n i each bought 2 tops. whee~ still not satisfied. haha. cant bloody find a cheongsam. ):

this was what happened approx an hour ago.

-e n g e u- says:
-e n g e u- says:
i saw u on channel AEC that day
* y i n l i * says :
oi what.
* y i n l i * says :
oh shyt!
-e n g e u- says:
* y i n l i * says :
i tot no one will watch that kinda show..
* y i n l i * says :
uber embarrasing.
-e n g e u- says:
-e n g e u- says:
i see and hear u talk mandarin
* y i n l i * says :
well i seriously din think that anyone will watch that
* y i n l i * says :
eh you actually watch that like every week?
-e n g e u- says:
-e n g e u- says:
i was playing com game
-e n g e u- says:
then my parents watching tv
-e n g e u- says:
then suddenly
-e n g e u- says:
hear the voice like so familiar
-e n g e u- says:
then ui turn and saw u
* y i n l i * says:
shyt.. haha.. goshh.

i was interviewed by this uh tv programmed called 'informasi polis' for AEC on astro as they came to uni n i was having break then.
was soo random.. i crapped throught the whole thing wishing that they'll cut it but nope. it appeared. goshh.. not that no one watches that show. it's informational you know..
but.. stilll.....

oh yea.! one more thing i keep forgetting.


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