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Saturday, January 26, 2008


yea mann. it's finally overr..
time flies. and it's already the end of 2nd semester.
lots of ups and downs happened then.
happily screwed up mass comm and sociology.

thinking why and how i screw up mass comm?

the story goes like this.
there's web page and mass comm paper that day.
so then. we were all busy studying web page thinking that mass comm shud be easier.
but wtf!.
once i open the mass comm paper. i smiled!. cuz i hav no idea how to do.
mcq questions all about the terms and all. which i forgotten.
fill in the blanks. 2 blanks confirm correct. the others.. lalala~
error correction hopefully is correct. and last but not least.
news story.

it's over!.

sociology worst still. duno a single thing. gosh..

once again. it's over..

time to sit back. and relaxx. for one month!!.

oh nooo. it's raining.. how to go yam cha laa..
oh well. i shall go prepare anyway.


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