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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


it's study week. which is meant for studying. but still. i'm bloody gifted in procrastinating.

went to uni but met jerry which is so good at his rubbish that i only manage to study in the morning. babi betul.

somehow. study week is not really the time to get emo. but the situation around me is so emofying. *sigh*

so shitty..

one week of examinations and i'm FREE!. *screams*

xiannie darling. i'll be yours then. haha. miss you super alot. lets see. movie and dinner?

i so need to talk. home is the place i bable alot. and now. no one's home. parents at hospital. sis went to get bro. no one was listening to me during dinner.. as they sudd change topic or walk away. *sigh* cant wait till all these is over.

there goes the unneccesary blamings when unexpected things happen. gosh.. hate it.

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