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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


i shall say. xian and i was trying to 'un-emofy' each other by updating each other.
since she's president and i'm the vice pres 1 for our ESELEY club. (:

part of the conv.

* y i n l i * says:
hmmm. i so do not want to rmb the bitter ones.

* x ï a ñ * says:
who does
* x ï a ñ * says:
i dont even want anymore dramas for now

* y i n l i * says:
well. just keep the sweet. remove the bitter
* y i n l i * says:
having all sorta dramas everyday now

* x ï a ñ * says:
we attract dramas
* x ï a ñ * says:
wat to do
then there goes the long long story of ours.. lots to catch up hun..
i know you're having quite a hard time dear. but no wories. i'm here. *hugz*

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