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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

brand new year.

so far so good. nothing really bad has happen. uh. yea.

got back all my coursework marks. kinda screwed up but still average. assigments pulled down my marks like super alot. oh well. it's over. finals is in a weeks time.
which means is time to nerdify my self. 8)

went for undang test today. i know it's like so random. suddenly undang test. haha. and i passed.. :) 45/50. heheh. thought i wasn't gonna make it as i dint really study. because of some miscommunications..

the classmates went for blood donation today. i obviously couldn't donate as i am underage.
something came to my mind then. after you donate your blood, your body will produce new blood. so then. in other words. if the old dont go then there's no new one.

i wonder if that's applicable in everything.. hmmm.

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