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Monday, February 18, 2008

still in the midst of celebration

basically what i did during chinese new year.
had my weekend nicely spent being holy. (:

offering muh-nee to the god. and obviously. the one in yellow is my poserific brother.
we lost count the amount of 'money' there. as grandma was the one who folded them.
lets say. estimated bout 2000++?..

the fire was hot hot. almost gonna telan the tree and wayar.

grandma at dong zen temple. she loves the pictures which had natural colours on it.
totally not painted on. they say it's becuz the prayers is done there. after i dont know how many chants done, somehow someway. the colours end up at the correct place.

MBPJ open house. me and kai en with the swimmers. and their moms.

both of us with the moms.

the stingray swimmers n i.

all the best to them for mssss starting today.

spent most of my time standing in an 3 inches high shoe with it's platform in the middle. the same as those you see in chinese traditional palace movies. waiting for some minister with no time management. gosh. so what if you're a vvip? late for an hour and left less than half n hour later. jeez.

went to pamelyn's place for dinner later on. had lots n lots of food though i was exhausted.

gotta get going now. suppose to be at work now but dad couldnt sent me there in the morning. so i'm going only in the afternoon.

so there shouldn't be anymore updates till next week as there's another crash course for dance performance this weekend.

to till then. (:

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