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Saturday, January 27, 2007

happy birthday daddy. =)

i went to diethelm wearhouse sale today.. so get court shoes for my temple usage.. on it's advertisment.. it says that starts at 9am-6pm.. so.. i accompany my mom there.. was tere bout 850am. out side that gate.. there was like loads of people.. traffic was bad there.. but.. we have to wait till 930am. they let their staff shop first.. wth?! when the big gate opens.. fwoosh.. everyone started oushing themself in.. i do not even have to walk.. those aunty uncle was pushing their way.. bla bla bla.. mom bought 3 pairs of scholl shoes.. one of it is mine.. . it's just court shoes so i dun really care what brand it is.. wait.. i dun even care about brands.. sometime.. hehe.. those people was god damn crazy.. bzzz..

daddy's birthday!!.. surprised daddy n aunt doris with a cake each.. my sis went 2 re straighten her hair.. as last week they din do nicely.. then surprisingly my cousin pamelyn was in taman megah too.. so pamelyn and i met up to choose cake.. we took like a whole i duno how long 2 choose. then went 1u to drop the cake in jack's place.. the place we're having dinner. we ate sat there talk alot.. then here comes the cake.. haha!.. my sis asked my dad n aunt ..

sis :so are you surprised?..

daddy: just didn't expect the cake.,

aunt: laughs. =)

me, my sis n pammie : * claps. *

daddy still paid the bill.. hahaha.. cuz either way daddy will still b paying it.. smart of us.. hehe.

after that.. went to drop sis at stef's house in valencia.. seiramas.. i went to say hi to stef.. whoa.. manusia banyak di sana.. oh well.. have fun studying in australia.. love lots. =) hugz.

good night all..

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